South Park: The Stick of Truth


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Beat this game, one of my all time favorites! Badge please!


Beat this and the sequel! Hard to think of a good title without any vulgarity though.


is the sequel any better?


The sequel is amazing. Tons of content, a super fun combat system, and even more hilarity than Stick of Truth.


Beat the game shortly after it came out. It was a lot of fun, but not nearly worth the 50 or 60 price tag it had on it. I’d gladly buy it and play it again on sale and I’d like to try out the Fractured but Whole eventually.


Got this for like $11 on a Ubisoft Steam sale a year or two ago, and really, really enjoyed it. I really like the approach to design they take in these games. They understand that jokes aren’t funny the second time around, so everything is kept somewhat easy to keep players from having to hear the same jokes over and over again in fights.


Beat back on release, great fun!


Too easy and ocassionally dated, but still lots of fun.

Badge please. :slight_smile:

Title idea: The New Kid


Probably the raunchiest game I’ve ever played (see the Underpants Gnome mission).


Also, badge please.