Sort within shelves by platform?

@peter In our shelves, you can arrange games A-Z/low to high, and vice versa, for all pieces of metadata displayed, except Platforms. Could this be implemented (if there’s not some tech limitation I’m ignorant of)? It’s useful to see, for example, what games in my backlog are on Gamecube, or what games on some shelf don’t have any platform selected because the platform for which I own the game wasn’t an option on the page when I added it (and would like to do so now).

This may be tangentially related to this older topic: Feature Request: Shelf>Filter Options>Platform


I’m kind of going through some of these requests today, and I just wanted to clarify what you’re asking. Do you want to be able to sort/group a shelf by platform? Right now you can filter by platform (including the No Platform Specified option which will show you what games you don’t have a platform specified for). You can’t sort a shelf by platform though. It’s definitely possible, I just hadn’t thought to implement that.

Pardon the wonky image, I’m on my phone:

I want to be able to click on Platforms circled here to arrange the shelf on the fly, like I’m in MS Excel or something. I can do it with all the other columns, just not Platforms. It’s not a big deal at all, just would be helpful. Thanks!

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I see. I’m not sure how I’m going to handle everything going forward. Right now, I’ve only been working on the new shelf page stuff. You can do a lot more platform filtering using the new shelf page than the old style. I’m probably only going to do new features on the new one going forward, and just do bug fixes on this one. I guess if enough people yell at me because they hate the new style, I’ll reconsider it.