Feature Request: Shelf>Filter Options>Platform

I notice the shelves can filter platforms of games you have specified you have played, but it can’t tell you what is on say your ‘wishlist’ shelf of games you have not played. I find it surprising that i just noticed this. it seems like some work to set up the site to do this but is it possible? Can’t grouvee have access to this info anyway? It would be great feature where you could tick a box or something to let it comb through GB to use this info of releases you havent actually played a game on. So, anyone who makes a big long wishlist then either click the “Tell me what to play” button and it finds a random game on a platform you HAVENT played from your wishlist, with maybe more priority given to the games that have 0 played entries logged on any release (meaning you have never played the wishlisted game at all). Or, as an alternate method (for those who want to be more specific) if you say ‘I want to play a wishlisted SNES game.’ lets go to wishlist and filter it down to SNES releases on GB database… and there we go see all the SNES titles. if grouvee ever gets to where we can add themes or keywords we could add in a section/box for that like JRPG. would be awesome yes? I thought this was actually what ‘platforms on shelf’ meant. i add games that have releases on MSX2/PC88/Turbografx, i pick a system and the games show up that have releases logged in GB on that system. Since grouvee doesnt have means to wishlist a release on a particular system yo uspecify, i have been adding status updates (most of them private) of the games that i had lists of ‘plays best on’ such and such system, just as a way to (keep track of it, i had made a list of games that were specificly suppose to be best for each system and migrated some of it over to grouvee this weekend): example Metal Gear Solid (PSX), cannon fodder (Amiga), Rise of the Dragon (SegaCD)

I honestly didnt really think of playing games on diff platforms that much until i came to this site and did some research on some games (like snatcher, metal gear, resident evil), now i actually see a reason to not just keep track of the games i play but what plattform i play them on. (I’m also starting to appreciate the start and finished data entry, for multiple playthroughs)

Personally I added a bunch of shelves like these:
Played system: NES
Played system: GB
Played system: PS1

to keep track of which platforms I’ve played games on. I haven’t actually filled them in yet but this is the idea anyway :slight_smile:
I also created a set of System shelves to track which platforms I would like to play a game on. There are so many ports and rereleases of various games that I like to track which ones I would prefer when I find info about that (E.g. some ports are terrible). I have System shelves for systems I don’t currently own to keep track of what I could play if I were to buy that system. Useful for prioritizing :wink:

It would be nice to have shelves on releases and then I could just mark the release as being played or wish list. I want to talk with @peter about this at some point.

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I also have a shelf for JRPGs…

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