Sometimes you just need good news

Since there is an off-topic category, I think make this topic is a good idea. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

How I put this… I do not want to be uninformed out here, but news media like only bad news, as sensationalist as they can make them. If I enter in any newspaper, or if I watch the news, I get depressed. It’s unavoidable.
So I thought “there should a good news media” to be a little happier. But didn’t find it.

So I’ve created this topic with just one purpose: to share good news. I don’t mind what those news are. A good news happening in the other side of the world, or a little reason for you to be happier today. Well, if you are happier today that’s a good news by itself!


Here is one, pretty recent, that I find to be good news, especially with how important the Rainforest is for the Earth.

Brazil’s Lula recognises six new indigenous reserves


Oh, that’s exactly what I meant with good news! :smile:


I completely share your opinion about the media and their tendency to sensationalize and bad news. Sometimes it seems that the good news gets lost in the stream of negative reports. So I’m very glad you created this thread to share good news and inspiring stories. In fact, even a little joy or reason to smile can have a huge impact on our mood and overall well-being. From time to time, we all need a reminder that there are a lot of good things going on in the world. Whether it’s advances in science and technology, advances in art and culture, or just stories of kindness and mutual help, good news inspires and brings joy. I support the idea of this topic, and I’m sure it will attract many people who want to share positive moments and inspiration. I will keep an eye out for updates in this thread and rejoice in every good news that comes out. Thank you for creating such a space for positivity and hope. Wishing us all more joy and good news in our lives!


Thanks! I agree with anything you said.
When you watch the news, it seems that everything is awful and getting worse and worse, but that’s simply not true.
Every time something bad happens, around five good things happen too. And I want to know those too!

I don’t have any good news to share since I created this topic, but I have a spark of hope with one thing I read yesterday from a reliable weatherman.
This April has been specially hot and dry (we reached 38,5°!), and that’s a severe matter because we are fighting a drought.
However, it seems like May is gonna be colder and more rainy than other years. I hope that forecast come true!


A new tax law in Massachusetts allows every public school student to get free breakfast and lunch. :slight_smile:



Nice, and it’s funded by the highest tax bracket. That’s what I like to see!


That’s awesome. They passed a similar law a year or so ago in my home state of Michigan, and it has definitely made an impact on our family. I also think that children shouldn’t have to worry about where a meal is coming from while they are trying to focus on their education as well, but that is the socialist in me.


Sorry, had to fix that.


Very true. lol I thank you.