Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

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TItle: Master of Inaba

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I’ve finished the Golden version of this game! It’s probably my favorite game of all time.


I suggest “Master of Inaba” for the badge title.

I like it. I think that’s what we’ll use.

I am enjoying this backlog badge program. Very neat. Add one more to my list, thank you :slightly_smiling:

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Took some time to finally beat Persona 4, but it was worth it!


Definitely mark me down for this badge! I beat Persona 4 Golden last year and it climbed its way into my top 15 games list almost immediately. Soooooo good!

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Persona 4: Golden is one of my favourite games.

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Just got the Platinum trophy for P4G over the holidays! One of the most influential games in my life if not my favorite :slightly_smiling:

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Finished when it first came out.

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Completed. I love this game so much that it hurts.


Beat it. Loved it. Can’t wait for Persona 5!

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I love that outside of the Mass Effect series, this is the most granted badge in the Backlog Attack. I think that’s just science saying this game is the best game ever.

My grumpy side says it’s the most recommended ever. As for best…

But that’s just me being grumpy about my feelings about the game. I get that a lot of people love it. It is definitely very polished, expansive and has a rich narrative.

Are you a fan of any of the other Persona games? Or are they just too weird for you?

It is not that they are weird, but I have only played Persona 4 Golden. It is how drastically upsetting the values are and the fact that the game wants me to side with characters that I think are genuinely mean spirited and problematic. My review of the game gives you an idea of why. It is not that I do not like games with upsetting content, it is how this game encourages me to nod in agreement with things that I find deeply hurtful. That said I gave the game three stars because I think that in many ways it is brilliant and revolutionary. It is much like the other Atlus game Catherine. I think it is very innovative with an attempt to address the audience through a novel narrative format. However Catherine is also deeply misogynistic. In a way I find too problematic to get on board with. I think the games have value as objects, and especially as objects worthy of real critical discussion, but as far as enjoying them I struggle because they make me feel uncomfortable in ways I don’t think are positive or useful.

Edit: as I state in my review I I think highly of several aspects of the game, and I also do not deride the fact that others love it. It makes sense that after ME this is the second most completed game in the backlog attack because of its general popularity. Part of me wants to think I’ve missed something, but the other part of me feels deeply uncomfortable playing. Maybe other games in the series will make me feel differently, or maybe this is just not for me. Regardless, I think it is a significant work and worthy of lots of praise, discussion, and critical reflection.

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@peter I should add that I hope that doesn’t put anyone off of discussing it. I would love to hear from people who love the game and in defence of it. I know it is dear to people and want to know why. Part of me knows. Some of the characters are absolute favourites of mine. I played through the game because I loved them. But things also pushed me away. I really want to know what other people like and favour about the games. I want to know if I should play earlier games in the series. And if I should play Persona 5. Essentially, and despite my issues with the game, I think it is a significant work of art. And like many works of art it has it’s wonderful elements and it’s problematic ones. I hope not to make people feel like I think it’s a low object that they should all be ashamed of liking. On the contrary I think I it is a significant price of work and want to hear from its fans.

Oh I love discussing this kind of stuff. I haven’t had time to write up an intelligent response to you. My quick response would be to not watch the anime. I feel like the misogyny comes out in droves in the show.

What about the other games?

It’s not that I’m against seeing or playing problematic media, it’s that’s it’s worthy of critique. Also I’m just being honest about how it left me feeling. It’s like watching a quality mainstream film and recognizing that it is both accomplished and full of ideologies you disagree with.

I finished P4G on the PS Vita a few months ago. I loved the overall narrative and the high school sim aspects to the game, but I did not like the dungeon system tbh. Battles quickly became repetitive and there was no real joy of exploration - just endless corridors of repeating graphics. It’s basically because of the dungeons that I started getting anxious for the game to end a good 10 hours before it actually did, so I hope P5 manages to make that aspect of the game more exciting.

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