Shameless plug for E3 coverage

If you have visited the front page of Grouvee, you may have already seen this, but in a pathetic attempt to increase visibility, I’m going to post it here as well.

Hello, my name is spigel. You may remember me as the worst member of the Grouvcast (Official power rankings: 1) AJ, 2) Jess, 3) Peter, 4) Me). My Youtube channel, TheZBNetwork, has committed to once again doing something very stupid: Covering the E3 2016 press conferences without actually being there. We will be making reaction videos over the course of the week, as well as occasional news recap videos in order to keep our fans informed about the goings-on at the industry’s #1 event for reveals, news, and surprises.

Here is our hype video, please check it out if you’re feeling generous!


I approve of these power rankings.

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We should have a vote for 2-4. There’s no question AJ is #1.

I would love to do the show again someday. The scheduling was a complete nightmare, unfortunately! :stuck_out_tongue: