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I havent found a post like this anywhere and I struggled with this too before I became a curator. Hence, if anyone wants a game page edit post below. Note that this obviously is only if there is a issue with the pre given information or its empty.


  • This is not because you want to change the box art to a custom one (which isnt allowed btw)
  • Use official descriptions from steam or other selling platforms including or developer websites
  • release date is the earliest game release regardless of region

Can be type of platforms, description, boxart, release date, Franchise, developer, publisher or genre

Curators: be sure to like request comment when this was fulfilled by you, as not to fill this thread with ‘Done’ comments.
(if this thread isnt allowed I greatly apologize and you can delete)


These games I am playing/played do not list OCULUS QUEST as a platform option.

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PS4 needs to be added as an available platform for these games:

  • Incredible Mandy
  • Aery
  • Mask of Mists
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can you tell me if this is correct? I know nothing about Halo

use this Aery game link. The other is a repost and will be merged/deleted. Not sure why someone couldnt take 5 minutes to check if the game already exist

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Needs PlayStation 4 added as platform:

Needs iPhone added as platform:

Needs iPod added as platform:

Says iPad and iPhone are platforms, but it’s not available for those - 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors (2009) | Grouvee
Says on PS4 but is not - Calico (2020) | Grouvee
I added this a year ago and it’s still pending approval - Grumpy Cat's Worst Game Ever (2016) | Grouvee

Last thing - how do games on something like Kongregate or work? For instance, Sort the Court! has a page, but no platforms. Sort the Court! | Grouvee

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First, all is added. Not sure why a iPod category even exist but guess its there. Secondly, regarding pending approval, this is a longer process and Im still new too it so might take some time for me too do. If someone else wants to do it, feel free.
Third, database works on giantbomb id so if giantbomb adds a game its added here. But some games have no giant bomb meaning they might have been added manually. Something in their database or here messed up and then its no platforms or no something els

Cool thanks!

I actually had a few games for my click wheel iPod. :slight_smile:

First off, @labprofess is awesome!

The other thing that you’ve brought up is kind of a tough one to deal with. 999 was available on iOS at one point. Some people probably have copies of the game on old hardware and old versions of iOS where it still runs. It will kind of disappear to the ether at some point though. I think we should leave those options in though.

As for games pending approval, I suck. I’m sorry. I’ll try and look at anything you’ve submitted and push it through this weekend. I try to do them as they come in right now, and try and play catch up, but there’s like 400 games in the queue and I just don’t have time.

Cozy Grove was actually first released on March 19, 2021 on Apple Arcade (iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Mac).

Side note: maybe it would make more sense for a general iOS category instead of listing out the different iPad/iPhone/iPod devices.
Another side note: possible to add site functionality to submit these requests within the game pages themselves instead of a forum post?

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I was thinking the same thing, but one of the funny things from this is said iPod games would still be independent of this because they didn’t run iOS.

And @peter no sweat, that’s the only game I ever added.

Fixed the game. Side note 1 I agree too but that might bring issues that a game is on iphone not ipad or vice versa. I have no authority to decide on this so lets wait for a admin to see what they think. However, if its added there should first be a way to automatically transform all iphone and ipad categories in use already to being iOS.
Side note 2 I too support this. Lets hear the admin.

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@peter i cant change the name. Can you do that? Rest is done


Thanks labprofess!

And sorry to be a nag, but can just regular “PlayStation Portable” be added as a system for Pop’n Music Portable 2 as well? Looks like you just added “PlayStation Network (PSP)” which I guess is also applicable since it had a digital release too.

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The following info needs to be added:
Developer: virusek20
Publisher: RumR Design

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The following info needs to be added:
Developer + Publisher: OnlyCans Team
Genres: Rhythm, NSFW

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The following info needs to be added:
Developer + Publisher: Sugoi Yellow, fatherbeno
Genres: Horror, Puzzle, Comedy, Single Player

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These all need PlayStation 4 added as a platform:

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