Request for sorting in "Playthroughs"


I play games in alphabetical order to reduce my backlog. When I look in “Profile/Playthrough” Grouvee shows me the games alphabetically but without ignoring “the”. Is it possible to change that because of my OCD?


I’ll fix it. I don’t know why I messed that one up. I have a “sort name” field in the database that is used to sort everywhere else.


Thank you very much, Peter.

Necro to prevent a duplicate topic. Sorting the Playthroughs page when viewing a profile is still exclusively in Alphabetical order, which is a bit odd. Some options or a different default would be appreciated.

I don’t have an example because I was allowed to delete it, but it is possible to have a ‘Phantom Playthrough’ on that page that doesn’t have a corresponding playthrough on a shelf.

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I actually just found that phantom playthrough bug recently too! You can delete it by going to the game page and scrolling down to the My Playthrough Dates section and deleting it there. That’s not ideal, but it can be removed.

You’re right there should be better sorting options on the Profile.

Also Sort within shelves by platform?
Please and thank you :slight_smile: