Recommendations - Shoot 'em ups

Here you can recommend Shoot 'em up games. Please follow the given template (as best you can) and i will add it to the list below.

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  • Played: May 27, 2020
  • Genre: Horizontal-scrolling shooter
  • Description: Take control of 1 of 2 sisters, charged with stopping the machinations of an evil scientist in an over the top cute theme park, shooting all that you can from left to right before facing off with a stage boss.
  • Review: Prin's Review of Harmful Park | Grouvee
  • Platform: PlayStation
  • Website: No page available
  • Played: January 2021
  • Genre: vertical-scrolling shooter
  • Description: Eight playable magic wielders, each with a unique firing pattern and secondary weapon. 10 levels, each ending with a boss. Tension bonus system encourages grazing enemy bullets for point multipliers. 2-player co-op available.
  • Review: This update covers my thoughts on the game.
  • Platform: arcade, Gamecube, Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox – (I played the Dreamcast version in Japanese, to avoid the god-awful English dub)
  • Website: Here’s a fan wiki.
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  • Played: June 8, 2018
  • Genre: Scrolling shooter
  • Description: Considered a parody along the same lines as Parodius, you fly around a stylized interpretation of Edo Period Japan shooting all in your way.
  • Review: Retrogamer Review
  • Platform: Sega CD
  • Website: No page available
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  • Played: May 30, 2020
  • Genre: Scrolling Shooter
  • Description: The game is set predominantly in outer space where players control a fictional spacecraft called Vic Viper through a continuously scrolling background depicting the territories of Bacterian—an evil empire which serves as the player’s enemy
  • Review: Prin's Review of Gradius V | Grouvee
  • Platform: PlayStation 2, PlayStation Network (PS3).
  • Website: Fan Wiki
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  • Played: Plenty of the time between 2008 and today
  • Genre: Shoot Em’ Up/Arcade Style Top Down Shooter
  • Description: Score chasing top down shooter series by Housemarque, makers of the upcoming game Returnal and the PS4 Launch title Resogun.
  • Review: I used to listen to music and podcasts and play this game for hours, very fun to just zone out in.
  • Platform: PS3, PS4, PS5
  • Website: Super Stardust HD — Housemarque
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Played: 7-27-21

Genre: Shooter / Flying Horizontal

Platform: Genesis/Megadrive

Description: 8 levels. Features an upgrade mechanic where you steal enemies attack styles and very challenging difficulty due to enemies aiming straight at you with some incredibly difficult boss battles.

Review: GigaDeathNullGolem's Review of Gaiares | Grouvee

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