Recommendations - Metroidvania games

Played: August 8th, 2016
Genre: Platform-adventure
Description: Taking on the dual roles of Jonathan and Charlotte in 1944, you set foot into the infamous castle, but also into various paintings cattered around, which act as portals to new levels. Vampire hunting never stops, no matter the time period.
Review: Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - IGN Review
Platform: Nintendo DS
Website: Fan Site


Played: 2020
Genre: Platform-adventure
Description: One of many handheld games based on the Shaman King series, and the first to see an English release.
Review: One of my old favorites. Each boss gives you a ghost that helps open up a path
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Website: n/a


Just seeing the name is a blast from the past.

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Played: 2019, 2020
Genre: Action-Adventure, Brawler, Platformer
Description: An upgraded version of Guacamelee!: Gold Edition, complete with all of the DLC, and new levels and abilities exclusive to this version. Known as the definitive version of Guacamelee
– It took a bit to get used to this one. You unlock wrestling moves to get around; that’s cool. It’s nice to throw everyone around, but it can get a little old after a while?
–I was excited to save his friend, but found getting the “real” ending to be quite an ordeal! I got it eventually. Will have to try the sequel some day
–What if Juan met Nacho Libre?
–You also switch between the light and the dark world; I think it’d’ve been fine without this, but what can you do
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360 Games Store, Xbox One
Website: n/a