PS1 Game Suggestion

Hey anyone want to suggest a PS1 game for me to get and play! I’m looking for something exclusive to the PS1 and has not been remade or remastered. What are your favourites ?

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It would help to be more specific with the kind of games you like, etc. I do have suggestions however! I was not an original PS1 owner, I only played some of these games when I got a PS2. Gotta love backwards compatibility!

But, one of my favorite PS1 games is Parasite Eve. I’ve heard of people saying that this game is a lesser Resident Evil. However, I actually prefer it to the original Resident Evil. A major reason I prefer Parasite Eve is that while it still has the awful “tank controls” that Resident Evil and Silent Hill had, it has a semi-turn based combat system. This helped me a lot because while I can sort of control my character with tank-style controls, aiming and shooting a gun was always really hard for me, in PE when you engage an enemy it becomes a turn based system. This game goes for $150 today so I’m not sure if it’s the best suggestion.

I do have another suggestion, which is Chrono Cross. I never actually finished this very very awesome JRPG, but I still recommend it. It’s a fantastic JRPG and imo still holds up today in music and graphical quality. It’s only problem is that is has too many playable characters (45 in total lol). But the story is amazing and the gameplay is good. I would love to revisit this game and finish it (I still need to beat it’s prequel Chrono Trigger too!). And, unlike Parasite Eve, Chrono Cross is only around $5-$10 today!

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Here are just some nostalgic games that pops out first in my mind whenever I think about PS1:

  1. Tomba 2: Evil Swine Return
  2. Brigandine
  3. Legend of Legaia
  4. Final Fantasy Tactics (The original is from the PS1, but they made a remaster and named it FFT: WOTL)
  5. FFVII

I’m sure I can remember some more. Some already had sequels, which are much better so I didn’t recommend them. It’s nice to play PS1 exclusives. :slight_smile:

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I have actually played most of these when I was younger but never got very far or finished them.

So far:

Chrono Cross

Parasite Eve 1 and maybe 2 I got to the very end of number 2 when I was younger great game.

Tomba 2: Evil Swine Return (Never heard of it but will have a look at this one)

Brigandine (Never heard of it but will have a look at this one)


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I second Chrono Cross, Still the best video game music in existance. high quality cutscenes, great unique storyline, i dont think ive played anything similar. No remakes or remasters. exclusively ps1.

Another I would recommend is Legend of Dragoon. Another unique storyline, i think. High quality cutscenes, great soundtrack, and a nice turn-based, time sensitive combat system that makes the grinding a little more fun. No remakes or remasters, exclusive ps1.

How about the Disney Hercules game? Really solid platformer. On that same note, Herc’s Adventure is another solid PS1 game.

Fear Effect is a great and underrated game for the PS1 as is Fear Effect 2 - they are a bit similar to the Parasite Eve games, also the original Silent Hill is still very good.

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On a positive note if you did want to grab parasite eve and have a ps3 you can grab it for $5.99

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FE 1 and 2 are up there with some of my favorite PS1 games.

I have CC on PS Vita and thoroughly enjoyed the few hours I played so far.

I enjoyed this one quite a bit but something about it ticked me off. I didn’t like how the enemies level up with you. I assume this is intentional so grinding is kept to a minimum making it less of an RPG and more of a tactics game…?

I would recommend Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. This is my favorite PS1 game. Lots to love about it: RPG elements, music, graphics, Castlevania creepiness, huge bosses that take up the whole screen. Probably the best Castlevania there is. Goes for around $60 on Ebay but I emulated it, save states rock! Or you can pick it up on PS3, PSP, or Vita Castlevania: SotN (PSOne Classic) on PS3, PS Vita, PSP | Official PlayStation™Store US

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