Peter's what to play next poll!

Now that I’ve finished Ys: The Oath in Felghana, I need to decide what to play next! I decided I’d get in on the poll action. I made it multiple choice, but you can only pick 2. Let me know what you think!

  • Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age
  • Dark Souls III
  • Tales of Berseria
  • Yakuza 0
  • Kings Quest V
  • Thimbleweed Park
  • Final Fantasy VIII
  • Persona 5
  • Stop playing video games and get your ass back to working on Grouvee!

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Another tough one, with several games I would vote for in a heartbeat. This was really close. I almost chose Yakuza 0. However, I had to go with Persona 5, largely because you deserve to enjoy this one. You were really excited for the release and I know you started it and found the first hour a bit of a slog, but I think you should push past that and really dive into it. I doubt you’ll regret it. I also stuck to only one because I don’t want to split the choice. I’m going all in on Persona 5.

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man, i thought you had played half of these! I guess you had just mentioned them on the show and other places… You obviously will enjoy them.

I’d say persona 5. Everyone loves that game. I had just played P4 myself and the two games i would play on PS4 (if i had one) would be P5 and bloodborne! What could be a safer bet? I also know how fond you are of the kings quest series, but i know next to nothing about that re-release.

let’s give peter a break and stop posting about stuff missing from the database so we can let him play Persona 5 lol

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I voted for King’s Quest V because I loved that game as a kid and get your ass back in gear. I don’t think you should stop playing video games, I just like that option because it made me laugh :smile:

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Voted for Thimbleweed Park and Persona 5 because those are the two games I really want to play myself. Heard some really good things about them both. :smile:

But agree with others, you’ve got a bunch of great games on your backlog right now.

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Write in vote: Stardew Valley. (I think you’d enjoy that one right now.)


Dark Souls III so you will never play another game as your main for a really long time. We’re evil. :open_mouth:

Edit: @peter: Then if you are good enough, you win, we lose. LOL

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But what if I’m so good at Dark Souls games I just fly right through it? :slight_smile:

I do need to get to it soon. I have played a ton of the first two and Demons Souls. I don’t know why I haven’t played 3 yet.


Oh, man, The Oath in Felghana, what a game! Everyone calls it a JRPG, but it’s clearly an action game. How did you feel about the last boss? That thing rode me all night long. These were my thoughts written in Google Keep between attempts:

I finished Ys Seven a few days ago, and it was cool, but a bit of a let down. Clearly a big step towards JRPGdom. Very possible to brute force a lot of the bosses with good equipment. Just like Megaman Zero, in Ys the bosses are 80% of the reason to play! So I consider that a pretty big mistake. The last boss was decent, but nowhere near as intense as the last boss in Oath.


I actually had more trouble with the first boss than anything else in the game. I think the last boss only took me a few tries. Contrast that with the 20 attempts the first boss took.

I’ve been wanting to play some of the other Ys remake games, and VII looks pretty awesome.

I agree that it’s more of an action game than a JRPG. I guess people put it in that category because the original version of the game came out at a time when it got lumped in with Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games due to you having a character that leveled up and had a sweet sword.

What did you end up playing? xD

Several of them! I’ve been trying to get through Persona 5 for quite a while now. I finished Thimbleweed Park sometime after this poll. I tried Final Fantasy XII a couple of times, but failed to get into it. I played a little more Yakuza, which I plan on going back to at some point because it’s awesome. The only one I didn’t fire up yet is Dark Souls III which I’m hoping to get to soon.

I’m looking forward to playing DS III as well, first game was such a joy to play and explore. I think I had around 100 hours putt into it and still finished it only once!

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