Pairing Video Games with Drinks

What are you favorite drink and video game pairings?

For a nice Winter/late Fall night I go with a double imperial stout and Witcher 3. The nice, rich sound track and atmosphere goes well with a full bodied beer.

Summer would have to be a wheat ale and a puzzler, or wine and a puzzle game (seems more sophisticated).

Old school platforming with Mario Bros seems to go well with a mixed drink, something in the realm of a Mai Tai due to tropical sounding music and rich colors.

Anyone play Mario Kart 64 while drinking? I haven’t researched any rules, but I heard from some ex-coworkers (who happened to be new college graduates, so you know their drinking games are spot on) that house rules require no drinking and driving. You must stop your kart while taking a swig. Seems responsible.

I could see a FPS paired with a redbull and vodka. Something high energy but also inebriating.


Pont’n’clicks + cup of Earl Grey, because you feel 100 years old
oldschool RPGs + barrel of supersweetmilky coffee (self explained)
Dark Souls or Thief or MGS + lemon balm or chamomile (they lower stress levels)


I really like playing adventure games with a nice whiskey with a couple drops of water. Pretty much any type of game goes with whiskey for me.

I’ve heard of this game, but never actually played it. I think you also have to finish your beer before the end of the race, so extra responsible :slight_smile:

To save my fat arse from getting any bigger, I choose Coke Zero Sugar any day! :grinning:

Wow, I like seeing just as many non-alcoholic drinks as alcohol containing.

As for tea, I usually make my own with some anise hyssop, chamomile, or bee balm growing in my back yard. That’s always fun.

I’ve never been much of a soda fan, some root beer. I drank the occasional when I gave up caffeine and alcohol for a year.

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That tea sounds delicious. Perfect for cold morning.

I’m a big fan of cardamom teas, especially masala chai with lots of cardamom. I’m also a big Earl Grey drinker but my favorite variety is hard to come by outside of France these days.

Although I am not a fan of Coke I quite like actual kola nut. It’s herby and bitter and I love adding kola extract to mineral water. It’s quite nice.

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Stressful or difficult game? A beer or two to loosen up mentally. Anything else? Crystal light or water. Tea in the winter.

For a difficult game I don’t usually have an alcohol drink. I remember back when I was playing Super Meat Boy I tended to play in the morning or when I was wide awake and sober.

Just chilling out and casually playing a game I usually unwind with something (beer or wine). Early in the morning I’ll play some Hearthstone with coffee.

I remember playing some Halo in college with friends each having about 10 light beers each…those days are gone. If I had 10 beer now I would be in a coma!

Having that little bit of alcohol helps me not overthink things and kind of just get in the groove of the game.

I’m the same, I can immerse a little more sometimes.

I’ve found racing games really fun to play while drunk if you don’t mind losing. Burnout Paradise is pretty great with some drinks since you can just kind of drive and take missions at your leisure.

PSA: Drinking and driving is bad IRL

Yeah, it is…

Drinking and texting or drunk facebooking can be bad too.

I should play some driving games soon, does GTA 5 count :smiley:?

Fallout New Vegas - Sierra Nevada (moderate)
Elder Scrolls Oblivion - Becks Dark Lager (Often warm, moderate)
STALKER Lost Alpha - Sobieski Rye Vodka (quite heavy, though i was used to it)
Grand Theft Auto Vice City - I’d get fucked up on box wine and just drive cars as fast as i could down that main strip at the beginning
ultimate doom other old ID era FPS games - played hungover a few times. lol

I dont drink often and if i do its usually because i’m really not alright inside. if i play a game while drinking its usually an atmospheric FPS or first person dungeon crawler

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