Non-Video forms of Video Game Analysis

Continuing the discussion from Video Game Documentaries:

While perusing the forums, I found this thread from 2016, which discussed everybody’s favorite YouTube channels and I find it interesting how there are parallels between certain channels that discuss video games and video game analysis and documentaries centered around video games. I have often felt over the past couple years that there is little to no distinction other than possible length of the video itself, due to the ease of access to what I consider to be equipment you can use to reach high production value. I and others have already shared channels we feel encompass such a thing, and am wondering what others the rest of the community have that they find particularly interesting.

I am also interested in analysis of the medium and its games through other areas other than just YouTube. A prime example is Silent Hill: The Terror Engine which I have just not started and does a fantastic job so far of presenting how the first three Silent Hill games use fear among other things to present its content.

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