Nintendo Game & Watch, anyone?

I recently discovered that on of my earliest computer gaming experience probably was with a Nintendo Game & Watch. I totally forgot about that. Funny how that sometimes happens. I quickly got my hands on the same one that I had: Parachute.

Very fun to let my young ones play with it. They grow tired with it in under five minutes, while I probably spent hours playing it back in the day.
It now proudly decorates my game room, of which I will post pictures soon.

It’s too bad that this platform isn’t available on Grouvee(/Giantbomb) and I wonder why. If I look at the earliest games in the database, there are dedicated (pinball) games from a hundred years ago.
I realise, that some rereleases of these games for newer platforms are available, but that isn’t the real deal :slight_smile:

Anyone else have fond memories of Nintendo’s Game & Watch series?

Never played it, I am too young. All of my knowledge of it comes from Smash Bros.

Wasn’t there some playable character or some such in smash bros?
I don’t know, because I’ve never played it.
I watched some matches online, but always only say picachus and links.

You must be some guy to have played a Game and Watch and not Smash Bros. Were you stuck in a timeloop and forced to relive the 80’s? Just kidding but you should really get on that.

Hahaha! there are simply too many games to fully enjoy. At the n64 smash bros time, I only played Diddy Kong racing and Mario kart 64 with friends. I sadly skipped the GameCube and Wii, because at that time I was strictly into PC gaming. I only got back into Nintendo with the Wii U, so next to the Wii U games, I got to enjoy the Wii games for the first time as well. So for me, the Wii U was fantastic!

I had the Donkey Kong Game & Watch. Probably one of my earliest experiences of gaming too. Good times.

I’m so late to this… but OMG Game & Watch!! I had Game & Watch Gallery 2 for gameboy color. I played that for hours. I’m generally bad at arcade games, but those were more like the minigames from mario party, etc. You can actually get them for like $2 on 3DS :smiley: I’m getting game & watch gallery 2 when I catch up on my backlog some more