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Hi! The only related topic I could find about this seems to be Editing and adding releases for a title, so I wanted to ask this a bit more directly.

Is adding new releases still a thing? I wanted to add a switch release for Manifold Garden Manifold Garden (video game) releases | Grouvee, but couldn’t find a way to do it. Then I saw there’s some other places where we can edit platforms and manifold itself has several platforms but only one release.

So I just wanted to clarify a little bit what’s the state of the releases there :slight_smile:

One of the admins can update it. A lot of release data comes from Giant Bomb, but if no one added it there, it won’t filter down to Grouvee and it’s hard for admins here to comb through everything to find missing entries or data. This is what I can find for releases. I can add these when I have a moment today.

Mobile & PC October 18, 2019

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One August 18, 2020

Xbox Series X/S November 10, 2020

PlayStation 5 May 20, 2021

I added Xbox One, Series X|S, PS5 and Switch to the platform details in the main entry, and will fill in the details for the releases shortly.

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Ah, many thanks :heart:

Is there a specific topic I should use for this kind of request or is creating a new topic when I see something like this okay?

So all the data still comes from Giant Bomb. Their release data is generally bad, especially for newer stuff. I’m working on switching us over to IGDB, although it’s slow because I don’t know how to merge the data yet.

Once the IGDB switchover happens, there really won’t be “releases.” If a version of a game is significantly different, it gets its own entry. There is also a new field “category” that can be one of these things They also have “versions” of games that I’m still kind of confused about, but I’ll get it figured out.

So we’re not going to have 4 release entries for a game that came out on PC, Xbox, PS, and Switch for a game anymore. The main game will have those platforms obviously, and you can mark on your shelves which platform you have. If there’s a collector’s edition, it’ll have a different entry that points back to the main game.

I hope that makes sense!

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We kind of have some of this now don’t we? This will just be more uniform I guess


You can note others here if you find anything specific, but at @peter points out, hopefully this will get cleaned up once the database switch over happens.

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