Editing and adding releases for a title

This may be a @peter only question, but maybe others can offer input.

I went to add the FF6 Pixel Remaster version as a release on the FF6 page.

For starters, it wouldn’t let me add developer and publisher. Additionally, this was released simultaneously in all regions on all devices. Ideally this one listing would include iPhone, iPad, Android, and PC, and regions JP, AUS, EU, and NA. Is that possible?

It seems silly to add a release for each combination, that’s 16 more entries. Just wondering how this should work. Thanks!

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The release data needs to be rewerqed (see what I did there?) entirely. The per region thing comes from the way Giant Bomb does it. It does kind of make sense since there are different developers for different regions, and different release dates, etc. At the same time, it’s just too much to keep track of.

I will add the developer and publisher info to the form though. That should be there.