My Comic Shop Documentary!

So as some of you know, I’m a filmmaker. I delivered my first non-comedy film last week. It’s the beginning of a series I’m putting together detailing comic/game shops. First in Austin, TX (where I live) and hopefully elsewhere, too. My first episode is about Austin Books & Comics, which is a legendary comic shop here. Actually it’s pretty widly known. I know this is a video game site, and not a comic site, but I wanted to share it here because I’m talking with local video game stores about doing episodes there, too, and I know you guys would dig that. So just stay tuned, because there’s definitly video game stuff to come!

Here it is:


That was awesome! I loved it. The pop ups with cool facts was a nice touch. Very cool.
I love comic and game shops and seeing this was bringing back some good memories. Good humor too. I would love to see more of these. Great work!

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Nice job! Keep the good work. I live in Brazil and we don’t have a comic book culture here. This video has made me curious to check if we have big comic stores as this one.