Movies and TV, Anyone?

Thank you. I will check Minions 1 out then.

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whatre ygs’ thoughts on The X-Files? i have plans to watch it but i keep procrastinating haha, but ive heard really good things about it. no spoilers, please!

(also do u think dana and fox are lesbians) (i will make them lesbians if they arent.)

Watched The Tomorrow War. If you don’t fall through the plot holes and take it for what it is - a fun alien shooter with a bit of family drama sprinkled in, then it works well enough.

I liked that it didn’t take itself too seriously, the alien design was great and the hint on climate change was nicely done. All the action movie tropes where there and Chris Pratt was Chris Pratt.



Watched Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic which based on the game which is based on the epic poem.

It’s one of those adaptations that minimises the epicness of the original as it shoves it into a little under two hours. Still, the animation is quite good, with a different director and style for each level of Hell. Obviously personal taste will dictate how much you like each one. Unfortunately, they didn’t keep any design elements of the characters consistent between styles so they can look completely different between each one.

It feels a bit like an exploitation film at times due to the excessive violence and pretty much every female character being naked for the whole thing.

Overall, I’d recommend it if you enjoyed the game and/or horror animation.

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I watched Infinite. It was entertaining enough to watch it to the end credits. It is a martial arts fest, lots of explosions and shooting and nice CGI. There is a car in the movie whose doors open sideways and the car roof lifts and I loved that detail. I wanted to know if such a car exists and it somewhat does and the doors are called “suicide doors” which made me laugh:

The car in the movie is even more fancy, but very similar.

I am not sure if the book’s plot is as badly done as in the film, because the premise is interesting, but the movie managed to hint at the real interesting parts: the main villain actually wanting to challenge God, wanting God to talk to him / pressure him to show up to hinder the world/his creation to die way more than to destroy the world and end his reincarnation AND then burry that so deep under everything else that basically no one writing a critic understood why it would not be a solution to him to just shoot himself and hinder reincarnation, because he would die/stay in stasis forever without an answer from God. In reality he was the only one with (religious) faith, relying on a God while everyone else was using their abilities as if they were a God and accused the villain of having lost faith.

I do not recommend the movie because of its flaws, but if you like to watch an over the top action movie who’s action borders on becoming funny, are able to overlook the plot holes and want to dig a bit deeper into the main villains actual motive, then it’s also not as bad as IMDb makes it look.

Also they found multiple reasons to make good looking men take their shirts off, that’s also worth something. :sweat_smile: