Most "Controversial" Game By Review Score?

Just curious, wondering what the game with the most diverse review spread is? Let’s say any game with over 50 reviews to make sure it’s actually a spread and not luck.

Any guesses? Wonder if MGMT could figure this one out for me :grin:


Muv-Luv and Rain World are among the most divisive I’ve seen, although both have less than 50 votes.

I completely believe that all seven 5 star ratings for Rain World are from @Torgo


I like this idea but I suspect that only a few games will have enough ratings to generate the result you’d like. But I could be wrong and it would be fun to see the data.

Oh I agree, but by process of elimination there should be a technically most “controversial” game. It probably won’t be a perfect spread, but it’d be cool to see.

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I’m trying to think how you’d calculate this. Maybe calculate the number of 4 and 5 star ratings and divide by the number of 1 and 2 star ratings. The closet to a 1:1 ratio wins?


What about calculating the average deviation? Y’know, calculate the average (mean) score, and then how much the votes differ from that by average. The higher the average deviation the more controversial. Online tool for calculating average deviation.

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I think that’s an excellent idea.

The average deviation approach will favor the most scores with an equal number of 5s and 1s and nothing else inbetween. In case OP meant scores with the same amount of each type of vote, a different method is needed: calculate the mean quantity of each type of vote in a score and then how much the vote type quantities differ from that by average - the lower the more even the spread.

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