Missing platforms


Can you explain how I can get to those versions of the games? If I look at Delta Force: Black Hawk Down - Team Sabre and go to the releases tab the only option I see to add to my library is a platinum pack for the PC.



Missing the Wii platform. Was included with the Staff of Kings game.

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Missing the Wii platform. Was included with the Staff of Kings game.


Can you explain how I can get to those versions of the games?

There are no separate listing for each platform if that’s what you mean. You just add the main release and select the platform.

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Prehistorik Man lists Gameboy and Gameboy Advance as a platform. Only Gameboy Advance is true. The Gameboy version is actually a port of Prehistorik 2, called Prehistorik Man on the Gameboy. It’s dumb and confusing, I know.
The series goes:
Prehistorik ( Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, MS-DOS)
Prehistorik 2 ( Amstrad CPC, MS-DOS, and Gameboy as Prehistorik Man)
Prehistorik Man (SNES, Gameboy Advance, and DSi)

To recap, this Prehistorik Man (1995) | Grouvee should have Gameboy Advance as a platform, but not Gameboy.
And this Prehistorik 2 (1993) | Grouvee should have Gameboy as a platform.

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Fixed it. I also added Mac to the Prehistorik 2 platforms (Steam version).



Missing Game Boy platform.

I believe this only came out on the DS. There was a port of the first one to the PSP digitally, but not he second one.

Has no platform (Game Boy), and is devoid of info in general.




Both games missing platform. Should be PC.



Fixed the first two. Prophecy 1 was also missing Mac platform. Added the other ones to my missing data shelf.

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Is there a way for users to submit info, or only submit an entirely new title?



You have to be a Curator to edit games. It would also just be immensily useful if you listed all the missing information with a source (steam, wikipedia,etc) so we don’t have to look for that ourselves. :slight_smile:



Where would be a good place to list the missing information, just in this thread?



Sure. I’ve got a shelf with entries that are missing data too:




Lifeless Planet is missing PS4: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lifeless_Planet

Mount $ Blade has only PC as platform but its supposed to release on both PS4 and Xbox one also: https://www.dualshockers.com/mount-blade-2-bannerlord-trailer/
if you google search the 3 platforms will show up.

Assetto Corsa is missing both PS4 and Xbox One: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assetto_Corsa

Beyond Good and Evil has no confirmed platforms, but surely will not be releasing on PS3 and X360, so maybe change to PS4 and Xbox One?

System Shock will get a remake and will be released on these platforms: systemshock.com, though IDK if its a case of adding platforms on this entry or creating another entry for the remake, like Resident Evil 2.

Metro 2033 was also released on PS4, Xbox One, Linux and OS X: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metro_2033_(video_game)



I’ve updated most, but not System Shock given the remake is by a different studio and a complete redesign/build from the ground up. We’ll have to create a new entry.



Yeah, I imagined that would be the case with System Shock. Thank you.