Missing platforms


Hi! Night in the Woods is missing for the Nintendo Switch. :slightly_smiling_face:


Games with XBox One missing as a platform:
Kingdom: New Lands
Blue Rider

And PS4:
Loading Human: Chapter 1


Ōkami is missing for Nintendo Switch


Game Dev Tycoon for Android is missing,
Tempest for PC as well, and
RaidersSphere4th for PC

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Sega Genesis Classics is missing Nintendo Switch


Into the Breach is also out for Switch, not just PC.


Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right thread for it but my question is technically about missing platforms, so…
I was wondering if retro consoles like the NES and SNES Mini should be considered new platforms. I mean, they clearly are not original hardware, they emulate the games, so… But of course I understand if you guys think it would complicate things too much. :slight_smile:


Okami doesn’t have Switch as a listed platform. I can’t see a distinction between Okami and Okami HD.


Yeah, I don’t think they would be considered new platforms. Like you said, they just emulate the original platforms, and they don’t add anything to the gameplay (maybe you could argue save states).


The Jeopardy game for Wii is missing from the site.


The early Harry Potter games probably shouldn’t all be lumped together as one entity. Different platforms got completely different games. For example, Chamber of Secrets has 5 different developers for the different versions made for the different platforms.


I have a feeling I didn’t explain myself, so I’ll try again, just to be safe. :slight_smile:
I’m not sure, but I think they could be considered separate platforms because:

  1. tecnically, they are new hardware. They are not a miniature NES or SNES, they are completely different platforms with an emulator software on them. So it would make sense to consider the games as new editions, conversions, whatever;
  2. they emulate, sure, but they are officially sold emulators. Of course I wouldn’t want to count PC or Android as platforms for every single game from the eighties because you can (illegally) emulate them. But we do consider Wii, Switch, Android or PS4 as new platforms for old games when they come out on them. And Virtual console emulation is not particularly different from the one you can see on a Nintendo Mini. So, considering in the database Mega Man has PS3, 3DS, Wii and other modern platforms, it could make sense to also have Nintendo Mini;
  3. I’m sure you understand that the NES Mini version is quite different from the NES version, in many significant ways, from a collector point of view but even from a “I just want to play it” point of view. So, ideally, in my admittedly obessive mind (:D), it would make sense to be able to differentiate them here on Grouvee.

But then again, I understand it could be a borderline point of view, so I won’t push it. I just wanted to be sure I explained myself.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Missing from Xbox 360

Missing from PlayStation 2


Limbo is missing for the Nintendo Switch.


For anybody still checking this, all these still need to be updated. Will make new topic if they aren’t added in roughly 6 years.


Spirits and Spells for Gamecube has still yet to be confirmed.


Spirits & Spells is the North American name for the PS2 game Castleween (later ported to GameCube and GameBoy Advance). You can find the GameCube entry as one of the releases in the following game entry on Grouvee:


Just a heads up, all of the titles you listed in this post already appear to list the correct platforms (360, PS2), except for Sacred 2: Fallen Angel as I can’t seem to find evidence that it was on PS2. Let me know if anything is missing.


Switch is listed as a port. Some of these games will get an automatic update once GiantBomb updates their entry.


Out of curiosity, why does Grouvee use the PAL release title and art for this title? All the titles I’ve seen favor the NTSC-U release if it exists, such as Mario Strikers instead of Mario Football.