Missing platforms

I’ve recently started using Grouvee and it looks like it’s exactly what I needed. I’ve found the link to add a new game via the forum (although I can’t find it anywhere on the actual site - you just have to sort of “know” it - which seems odd) but one thing I haven’t found it a way to add platforms to a game. There are a few (especially the Shovel Knight sequels/DLC) where I have them all on 3DS but it’s not selectable as a platform on all of them. There are a few others with this issue. Is there a link to add a missing platform to a game?


Hi, and Welcome to Grouvee :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up. I’ll update the Shovel Knight entries accordingly.

We used to have a thread where game and platform requests were posted. However, subsequent to a change in the way Grouvee accepts game requests that thread was closed. However, if you come across games missing platform information you can post here and one of us will update the info.

Enjoy Grouvee and let me know if you find more missing platform data.

Excellent, cheers! Here are a list of games that require a “3DSware” platform:

Shovel Knight: Plague Of Shadows
Shovel Knight: Spectre Of Torment
Color Zen
Space Lift Danger Panic!


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I think we may be cutting out the use of 3DSware, and simply using 3DS as the latter can imply download or physical. I’ll confer with @Peter on this to be sure. GiantBomb used to distinguish between digital and physical releases, which is why some games have things like 3DSWare and PlayStation network (PS3) instead of simply listing the console. However recently they have phased that out (if my memory serves). If you really want 3DSWare as a platform I can add it, but there’s a chance that down the line things like 3DSWare will be merged with 3DS (maybe).

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I don’t really mind as long as 3DS is represented somehow! :slight_smile: That is to say, most of the games I listed don’t have any 3DS option at all, let alone a 3DSware option.

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Done. The Shovel Knight Games already had Nintendo 3DS as an option, but I added 3DS to the other titles :slight_smile:

Smashing, thanks. I’ll update everything to Nintendo 3DS tomorrow for consistency and to preempt a merge

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This nails it.

I actually think GB updated the names on some of these digital platforms. I’m going to write a script here that updates the names to what they have in their database.


I did run the update on the platform names. There are a couple of little renames (SNES -> Super Nintendo Entertainment System, PSP -> PlayStation Portable, etc.), but they did rename 3DSWare to Nintendo 3DS eShop and Xbox 360 Marketplace to Xbox 360 Game Store.

I am very heavily considering still just merging all of the digital into the main platform. It’s too confusing most of the time.


I second this proposal.

Asterix: The Gallic War
misses the ps1 platform. the correct cover for the release is the one wrongly given to asterix mega madness at the moment.

Crystal Defenders
misses the PlayStation Network (PSP) platform.

also, not exactly a missing platform, but GTA IV misses the PC release of the GTA IV Complete Edition

I noticed that the only platform listed for Narcissu is PC, however there is also an Android version.
Also, I can’t find Mercenaries Saga 2 for 3DS and mobile listed at all. Apologies if there’s somewhere else that new game listings should go.

Jumping in to add that I agree with simplifying the list and merging it, so the consoles/platforms are consistent, e.g. “3DS Ware” just goes under 3DS, “Playstation Network (Vita)” goes under Vita.


Hello! Please add the Vita as a platform for The Bard’s Tale. Thanks!

Several of your requests are already on Grouvee, so that’s a plus. Have a look below. For anything not on the list below, we will add the platforms as soon as possible.

For Final Fantasy XII, are you referring to the recent Zodiac Age version? If so it has its own entry.

Assassins Creed Liberation for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 has its own entry.

Devil May Cry entries are here under the HD release.

Final Fantasy X and X-2 for those platforms is here under the HD Remaster.

Assassins Creed 2, Brotherhood and Revelations for those platforms is here under the Ezio Collection.

Catherine for PS4 and Vita is here.

Uncharted 1-3 is here under the Nathan Drake Collection.

Agreed, there are inconsistencies, many of which come from importing the GiantBomb data. Your DMC example is a perfect one. For whatever the reason they were likely entered that way at GiantBomb, contradicting their own filing system.

@Peter has attempted to find a consistent method, but it’s hard to comb through everything systematically or quickly. One of the issues is that there seems to be some inconsistencies regarding which HD versions of games get a new entry versus those that are simply releases of existing games. The best example I can think of is that Uncharted 1-3 was released on a single disc for PS3, thus someone at GiantBomb (perhaps?) decided that warrants a new entry. Same for The Ezio Collection. But a game like Shadow of the Colossus for PS4 is considered a release of the original, so not a new entry. Compare that to the Ico collection that was released for PS3, which is considered a separate entry.

I appreciate that it is confusing. The solution is either separate them all into new entries, or make them all releases under on entry, or leave it as is with some deemed new entries and some simply releases. There’s no perfect answer, because everyone will want to handle their collection differently, but more importantly, no matter which is decided upon, it requires making a substantial amount of changes. Which can happen, but takes time.

It’s not an unreasonable idea. We’ll see what @peter has to say when he has a chance. Ultimately it’s up to him. I think the thing to strive for is something consistent, and to figure out the best way to reach that consistency. It could happen, but like I mentioned before, it might take time.

Edit: I should add that In general the idea we follow is not to split releases into sepetate entries. That’s why there is a release page. But sometimes data from GiantBomb contradicts that and the reason why isn’t always clear. I’d prefer not to place remasters in a separate entry. But I can tell you from experience, that there are users who want the opposite. Everyone wants something a little different and it’s difficult to find the perfect solution. But my stance is one entry per game with releases bested under the main entry. That makes the most sense to me.

Hi! Night in the Woods is missing for the Nintendo Switch. :slightly_smiling_face:

Games with XBox One missing as a platform:
Kingdom: New Lands
Blue Rider

And PS4:
Loading Human: Chapter 1

Ōkami is missing for Nintendo Switch