[MBLC Nominations] January 2015

Alright, we’re going to get this monthly game/backlog club started.

Here’s how it works:

This will be like a book club except instead of one book everyone reads, we’re going to pick 3 games that you can choose from to play for the month. We will have one thread for each of the games for everyone to use to have a discussion about the game throughout the month. The point of having three games is this club is kind of small right now, and not everyone is necessarily going to want to play the same game. If we grow enough, we’ll make it just one game in the future. You do not have to play all 3 games. You can if you want to obviously, but the point of 3 games is to give everyone some choice in the matter.

Everyone use this thread to nominate up to 3 games. After one week (ending on 12/24), I’ll edit this post and make it a poll from the list. We’ll then have another week to get our votes in to pare it down to the final three. It’s not mandatory, but I would prefer games that are more than a year old at this point. There’s a couple reasons for that. One, more people are likely to have the game. Two, if they don’t have the game, it’s probably cheap to pick it up.

I want people to use this club to try and clear out their backlog, and talk about cool games. It’s that simple. Nominate something you’ve been meaning to play for a long time! Obviously it’s only a month’s timeframe, so games like Persona 3 are going to be rather hard to get finished in that short of a time period.

TL;DR - Use this thread to nominate up to 3 games (preferably over a year old) you want to be considered in our poll for the January 2015 Monthly Backlog Club.

3, 2, 1, go!

Here are my nominations:

Here are my three games:

Has been sitting on my shelf for a while and then next gen happened :slight_smile:

I’ve never played any of the Uncharted games on PS3. I want to go through them all before I play U4 next year :smile:

I’ve started this one, but got distracted at some point. With lots of people raving about FC4 and comparing and mentioning it to the excellent FC3 I feel I need to give this one another go:

My nominations for January:

I enjoyed Bastion, but found it a little too straightforward. I hear there’s much more depth in Transistor. Plus, I’m excited to hear more of the fantastic soundtrack.
I really like the aesthetic and setting of this game. It had a mixed reception, but I found the first few hours promising and hear it’s not too big of a commitment.
I’ve played so many Telltale games lately that I’m itching for a more traditional adventure game. The Longest Journey has a very satisfying and unique world to explore.

Wow! This might turn out better then I was anticipating. So far each of you have suggested at least one game from my backlog list, two of you suggested TWO from my backlog list.

I have no nominations yet, I’m trying to pick three. Shhh! It isn’t easy! There’s quite a lot to pick from.

I just have to say, this made me laugh:

Now that’s my kind of backlog club! One where we buy even more games! :laughing:

Oh man we get 3 nominations?
How is the poll going to work? Are we going to get to say yes/no for each nomination or are we each going to get 1 vote? Maybe 3 votes? It’s gonna be tough deciding which one if we only get 1 vote. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are my nominations.


I have played this before, but it is one of those kind of games you can always come back to. I like it and I’m curious as to how you guys might feel about it. Standard Dragon Quest style battle system (First Person view of the enemy and you are represented by the little box of information on the bottom). Very groovy background animations and the kind of humor that reaches all ages.

[Mother 3][2]

I haven’t had the chance to play this yet. I hear it is a worthwhile successor to the first (technically second, but who’s counting? Not us Americans, lol), and it was so good that even though it was never released in america (even after tons of letters and the creator receiving an artbook from fans), a cult following organized a fan translation and posted it online. It features some callbacks from the first game and a musical rhythm based combo system.


I hear it’s crazy deep. Like, no player1 you were the demons all along deep. The gameplay seems pretty simple. I like the kind of games like this that really tell a story. So it’s no wonder this is on my backlog. Kinda reminds me of Illusion of Gaia.
[1]: http://www.grouvee.com/games/7740-earthbound/
[2]: http://www.grouvee.com/games/3678-mother-3/
[3]: http://www.grouvee.com/games/12808-terranigma/

Yup, just the one vote once the poll is out there :smile:

You guys are making this tough with all these good games that are already on my backlog. I don’t even think I’m going to end up voting for one of my own nominations, which is why I wanted to do it the way we’re doing it.

Only one vote? :open_mouth: Oh nooooo. This is going to be tough. The winner will probably have like 2 votes. How many votes are in the pool? (How many of us voting?) Looks like 7?

Okay, my first nomination is…

I’ve yet to play a single one, yet I keep buying more of them.

I’m still debating my other 2 nominations. But I’ve got a couple more days to decide!

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Reminder, you’ve got until tomorrow to get your nominations in!

Okay, here are my other nominations, along with Assassin’s Creed:

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If possible, I was thinking for the poll, we should be able to vote for as many as we want. Because there may be more then one people would be interested in playing, at least the one the most people are interested in playing is picked.


I’ll see if there’s a way we can do that. Unfortunately the poll system this forum has only allows a single select option currently.

The poll is live over here: [MBLC Poll]: January 2015

You can vote for as many games as you want. Simply “like” a reply in the poll thread, and that’s a vote for that game! I like @Jess’s idea because it lets us find three games that we all want to play. This way, we won’t end up with six games with one vote because everyone voted for their own game.

PM me if you have questions or concerns.

Our three games have been decided! Check them out over here: [MBLC Poll]: January 2015

Excellent, guess I’ll be playing Transistor then. :smiley:

Small question for the upcoming months. Is nominating titles with no campaign/main storyline in the traditional sense acceptable? Thinking, for example, about a lot of 4X titles.

Absolutely! You can nominate pretty much anything you want. I don’t know if there will be more or less discussion if a game doesn’t have a story.