[MBLC] April 2015

I thought last month’s ‘free for all’ went quite well. So why not again for April?

So pick a game or two and let us know what you’re planning to play here on this tread. Then keep us updated on your progress! If you change your mind on what game you want to play, no problem, just update us here!

Game on, everyone!

I started my game for April yesterday, and got pretty far! It’s not all out yet, but that’s okay.

I’m absolutely loving it! It’s very well done, you definitely feel as if you’ve been thrown into the Game of Thrones universe. Conversations are a minefield, and saying one wrong thing can absolutely ruin you.

I swear I’m going to get a few hours in of Final Fantasy VIII this month:

I’m also in the midst of dying a whole bunch in Bloodborne:

I’m going to try to finish this one by the end of the month. I’ve dabbled in the Tales games, but never finished one. Loving it so far.

The only game I have time for :frowning: Playing it a bit in the background

I also plan on dying a ton in April…

Been working on Vagrant Story for a little while now. I think I’m about half way through. Just beat the crap out of this pretty awesome dragon. The time based attacks are kinda like Super Mario RPG or The Stick of Truth with a time system kinda like Parasite Eve. You press a button at the right time to continue the combo or defend against an attack. The story is crazy dark and very wordy and most of the important events that drive the story are between the lines of dialogue, rather than experiencing the events firsthand, which makes for a kind of lack-luster story.

The weapon system allows you to build weapons from different materials and each weapon has a blade and a handle with different kinds of metals. Not going to perfect game this or anything, just want to beat this game finally.

Pretty solid boxing game with all the characters pulled from Hajime no Ippo. If you’ve watched the show and want your chance to play as Ippo and go the distance, now you can! The game is pretty solid and the mechanics are somewhat akin to Fight Night Round 3, but without the lean system, and with a dodge/dash that is relatively slow so you really have to anticipate a fighter’s movements. You can do the Dempsy Roll, use Machiba’s flicker jab, and all sorts of cool stuff like that.

Tales bro! The Tales games have such a rich history. I haven’t played any recent ones but I know after playing Tales of Destiny 1 (a crazy long game! I always run out of steam after I reach the stratosphere dungeon) and then I played and beat 2, they did really cool things that played off of the first game and some other Namco titles. Like in Tales of Destiny 2 (Tales of Eternia) I remember there is a college in a particularly scholarly town and you can take a Namco quiz and they will ask you really cool things like how the Tales of Destiny 1 game started (main character stows away, crash lands, wakes up to find an old man complaining to one of the fellow party members that she needs to ____, the answer was sewing buttons back onto his pants.) Questions concern other games like Nightmare of Druaga, Tower of Druaga, and so on.

There is an english patch for Tales of Vs. somewhere I been meaning to get to. Tales of Vs has most of the pre-2010 Tales characters in it, and it looks pretty fun.

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I’m a huge JRPG fan, but for some reason, the Tales games just sort of passed me by. I’m trying to make up for that now. I’ve heard good things about Tales of Destiny, but that one’s a little expensive these days. Hopefully, it will get released as a PS1 classic on the Playstation network someday.

Vagrant Story’s been in my backlog for far too long. I really need to play that.

Mini update for the month so far:

I’m really bad at Bloodborne. The combat isn’t clicking with me like the Souls games for some reason. I struggle with regular enemies too often in the early areas. I’ve tried to fight Father G. at least 20 times and have only gotten him into his second form a couple of times. I even learned the “trick” to take down that second form and still can’t beat him. The only thing I can figure right now is that I’ve missed a boss or something because Father is the first one I’ve fought. I’ve probably put about 6 hours in so far.

I’ve played an hour of FF8 on my Vita so far, but I’m wondering if I should switch over to play the PC version. Anyone have any experience with the PC version? Is there anything cool in it that I would miss if I just played on the couch with my Vita?

What was the reason you thinking of switching to the PC version of FF8?

The only major difference that I’ve heard of is being able to play Chocobo World, which I don’t really think is a big deal. Chocobo World was a little side game that was on the Pocket Station. I’m not really sure what it did to your FF game since the Pocket Station wasn’t released in the US so I never played with it.

I haven’t played the PC version, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but I think the version you’re playing now would be just fine. It’s the version I played way back when, and I loved it.

I was thinking about doing the PC version because it looks a little better, and I’ve had it in my Steam library for a while now. I might give it a try tonight for a little while to see if I like it any better. I’ve been using Steam in home streaming a decent amount to play on my big TV and sit on my couch. A game like FF8 is perfect for doing something like that.

I think I’m giving up on Bloodborne for a little while. I’m not really having fun when I play it. I’ll try again in a year like I did with Dark Souls.

FFXII is an enigma for me. I completely recognize its strengths and find it the freshest entry in the series since FFVIII, but also it bores me to tears. This marks my 5th time trying to play it to completion. I have doubts. Now accepting encouragement from fervent fans.

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I lied about giving up on Bloodborne. I took down Father G and the Cleric Beast in one sitting last night. I have now decided that I’m the best at Bloodborne :smile:


It’s smooth sailing from here on

I think I’ll play GTA V on PC. Wanted to play it last january but I change my mind so often that I ended playing other games. Today It will be different.

Have you beaten it yet?

I couldn’t agree more. I tried a few time to get through it and considered it too much of a chore. I wasn’t sure if I was growing out of JRPGs or if the game itself was simply flawed beyond recovery.