Mass Effect 3


Finished this game this past year. I liked the ending to this trilogy. Thanks Jess, for making all these badges!


Dear Lord this ending though!!
Beat it. Am now bereft


Gets a bit too much hate because of the ending but I really enjoyed it and was definitely glad that I finished it.


Beat it,
red ending is the best.


Finished, didn’t mind the ending that much.


This whole game made me cry for hours, was sorry to see it end.


Completed this more than once. Would like the badge please :slight_smile:


Completed! Can I please have the badge? :blush:


Badge please! I love this game. :slight_smile:


Finished! What a good trilogy. Too bad about Andromeda :frowning:


Shepard was awesome. That ending tho… The second one is a legend. Badge, please!


Yeeey!!! I did finish all of the Mass Effect games, and I wish they would remaster it so I could finish them again :stuck_out_tongue:


Like many here I have also completed the original Mass Effect trilogy. Badge please!


Badge please. :slight_smile:


I beat the game after the ending got revised. I honestly thought the ending was really damn good.

Fight me, haters! And, badge please!