Mass Effect 3


Finished this game this past year. I liked the ending to this trilogy. Thanks Jess, for making all these badges!

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Dear Lord this ending though!!
Beat it. Am now bereft


Gets a bit too much hate because of the ending but I really enjoyed it and was definitely glad that I finished it.


Beat it,
red ending is the best.

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Finished, didn’t mind the ending that much.

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This whole game made me cry for hours, was sorry to see it end.

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Completed this more than once. Would like the badge please :slight_smile:

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Completed! Can I please have the badge? :blush:

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Badge please! I love this game. :slight_smile:

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Finished! What a good trilogy. Too bad about Andromeda :frowning:

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Shepard was awesome. That ending tho… The second one is a legend. Badge, please!

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Yeeey!!! I did finish all of the Mass Effect games, and I wish they would remaster it so I could finish them again :stuck_out_tongue:


Like many here I have also completed the original Mass Effect trilogy. Badge please!

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Badge please. :slight_smile:

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I beat the game after the ending got revised. I honestly thought the ending was really damn good.

Fight me, haters! And, badge please!


They already made extended ending after 4 months. I’m sorry for players that bought it in pre-order :slight_smile: Maybe there will be once ability to mod the game.


Quoting myself to get my badge

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Hi, I played it in 2017 and it was … ok. Can I have a badge?

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