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Title: Paragon

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I love this so very much!


I’ve been slow claiming my badges, but I’ve finished all 3 of the Mass Effects!


It is a wonderful series. I may have even lost count the number of times I have played through all three games consecutively. The experience is deep and enriching each time I play. It is such a well thought out and rich universe and definitely one of the best sci-fi series (be it film, TV, game, etc.).


Absolutely love all 3 mass effect games and have no regret playing finishing all of them (4 times :p)


I also loved this game. I need more Mass Effect in my life. Andromeda is still so far away.


A lot of people hate on this game for the ending, but I liked it. I’m looking forward to the next Mass Effect though! Probably the only AAA release I’ll buy and play this year.


I loved beating this series, even if the ending had me a little ticked off.


Oh so this is the paragon badge ^^;



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I finished every ending just to make sure I was happy after the long journey it took me to get there. Loved the series.


Completed. So did my boyfriend, years ago. But even now, when one of us says something about Mordin, we both get teary-eyed.


Finished on Xbox also
I’d Love to replay the whole series


Completed. It was a good game.


Finished a year or so ago. The ending gets a lot of undue hate (though it could have been better)-- overall I think it’s almost as strong as #2 and hey it has Samantha Traynor.


100% on this one as well, I loved it more than most it seems


Done and done! I love this series to bits.


Aaaand the last one. Like with the previous two, i took my time with this game, hoping the end will never come. And what a ride it has been. 100+ hours of pure enjoyment, including the dlc’s.


Finished the game and was disappointed in the ending. Prefer the first two games.


only ME i played but i thought it was decent. Mixed feelings on ‘my’ ending. (I liked the endings on youtube) Kind of a unique game with it’s own hybrid style of perspective, gameplay, cinematic and various genres (action rpg adventure etc) It opened me up to Third person games, a genre i would more or less snub until i played ME3.

I only decided to give this a go because i thought the importing saves was a cool design feat, and I must admit i liked Dragon Age Origins enough to try some other bioware titles. I doubt i would have tried Dark Souls were it not for ME3. (and definitely wouldn’t have even put Assassin’s Creed on my list)

You should play this game it’s pretty influential it would seem, (if you care about VG influences.)

and If you like these endings. You should play Deus eX!!!!