Mass Effect 2


I have beaten this game too :slight_smile:


Did anyone else have some serious feels when they hit the Normandy? My ship!!!
beat it, loved it


You bet I did! Although the first and third games are my favourite that didn’t stop the second game from being one massive set of feels after another.


I beat it.
I had heart attack watching my ship burning O.O


I completed Mass Effect 2 6 times. Once with each Class. Total of 267 hours. Could I get the badge please?


The best Mass Effect ever. I love you, Garrus.


I Finished Mass Effect 2. Imported my ME1 save and forced myself to live with the consequences of all my actions, just as in ME1. It was gut wrenching, but I loved it.

RIP Tali. I’m so sorry. RIP Miranda


Completed! Super great game, stressed me out, but it was amazing!


I had so much fun playing this game :slight_smile: meeting all the old pals again gave me feels :heart:


Completed this more than once. I would like the badge please.


Love this game, and especially Garrus. Would also like the badge! :slight_smile:


Completed the game a long time ago. Would like the badge please.


Can I have the badge, please? One of my all-time favorite games!


Finished! Badge plz?


Shepard was awesome. Finished all three of 'em but this one is a legend. Badge, please.


Think this might have actually been my least favourite of the original trilogy, but that didn’t stop multiple playthroughs. Badge please!


Badge please. :slight_smile:


Beat this one on PC; then I beat it again on PS3 so I could carry the data forward to PS3 ME3. Sadly, my PC playthrough had a lot better outcome in the final mission.

I’m RxBrad, and this was my favorite Mass Effect game.

Badge, please!