Mass Effect 2


This is the discussion/completion topic for Mass Effect 2. Please keep any spoilers blurred!

Title: Renegade

If you’ve completed the game, let us know below and an admin will make sure you get your badge!

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I am excited for this badge :slight_smile:


I’ve been slow claiming my badges, but I’ve finished all 3 of the Mass Effects!


This one is also awesome. I really like this idea.


First game I ever played that wasn’t lying about ‘do it now or else’. Figured I could complete all the side missions before continuing the main one and boy was I wrong! Obviously I had no choice but to replay it from the beginning again. :laughing:


I beat this game last year. I quit playing 10 hours in and restarted my whole game because I couldn’t get Garrus to shack up with me. I made sure I got him my second go around. =)


Garrus <3 He was so much better than that jerk Kaidan, telling me I was better off dead. Then having the nerve to be all ‘you cheated on me’, pretty sure when you tell someone you wish they were dead, you’re not together anymore. Good riddance Kaidan, Garrus forever!


Finished it (as a PARAGON :frowning: )


Another great game in the series. Moving onto ME3


Completed. Laughed. Cried. I miss you Thane :heart:


Finished on Xbox! Loooong time ago…
What a great game


My least favorite from the series, yet still enjoyable. Completed.


Just Finished! Great Game. One of the best I’ve ever played.


Ah, my first mass effect game. I can remember the protagonist in many games, but this is one of a handful where I can name all the major characters, and still describe their relationships! Also one of the best games to watch someone else play (sounds like a good thread), I was under orders not to pick up the controller while my partner was out…


Beat this a few years back. Actually ended up starting with it because started with PS3 so I had the weird comic booky intro where I had to make all the major decisions from game one in the first 5 minutes and didn’t understand any of it. Took me a few hours to really get the feel, but ended up getting me into Bioware and the entire ME/DA franchises in general (though I still haven’t gone back to complete ME1).


100% of the achievements on this, I remember spending an entire day trying to beat the final boss


Possibly my favourite installment from the series. Pretty sure I did 3 playthroughs.


Okay, time to claim this badge now. I really welcomed the change in combat compared to the first game. Much more fluid and fun.


I really should try this game. I have it, but haven’t played it yet.


I completed all 3 of them 100%!