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Spoilers obviously yah dork!

Guys we have to talk about it somewhere. Let’s talk about it here.

The Super Mario Bros Movie is a sincere fantasy film draped in Mario through a modern lens.

While the movie is far from perfect (I hate that the film ends on a “that’s so random joke”- the kind of dead humor absent from the rest of the film.), I was shocked by how good it was without coming across wink-winky. So often modern movies feel they must wink-winky at the audience to get the audience to play along with the silliness. I guess this is considered bathos because it takes the listener out of the story to laugh at the story from outside the story. I don’t like that. I like to stay in the story. Mario leaves you in the story.

It’s able to pull this off by contextualizing all of Mario as fantasy. It doesn’t need to wink-winky at the audience about how silly a piranha plant is- this is just a completely different realm. Everything is different here so there is no real need to point. And sometimes Mario the character naturally points. It doesn’t ever laugh at Mario as an idea. The movie thinks Mario as an idea is super cool fantasy stuff.

That rules.

It is a lot for the Mario movie to carry though. How can a Mario movie hold something as heavy as fantasy? Well, by lightening it up! The movie accomplishes this by making Mario the B story to Luigi’s A story. Mario doesn’t have to change because Luigi is changing and Mario’s surroundings change. So while a story is there (Luigi gets brave), the actual story is a meta story.

This movie is about how being a person who likes Mario makes you rock.

The Lego movie does this too and I loved it in the Lego movie too. I know it is a classic move by a company to tell a story explaining how your thing rocks because it gives the audience permission to like the company. Of course I like them. They made that thing that rocks! This is obviously manipulative, but hey, I think Mario rocks. I agree with the movie.

I have more to say but it was great. Happy I saw it opening night.


It’s interesting that you mention The Lego Movie, because that was a deeply self referential film, and it’s surprising that the Mario film doesn’t sound as if it is as well.

The question everyone want’s answered is, is this movie better than the Sonic movies?

Let the fight begin!

The Mario movie is referential in a respectful way. There are tons of references packed into basically every scene, but all of them make sense in the world of the movie. So while there are many references in the movie and they are all there for the Mario Stan’s enjoyment, the movie does create an in-universe reason for each reference.

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As the seemingly-first person on this site to see both, I prefer Mario. Related- I prefer Mario games to Sonic games.

Big role might be overstating it. The movie is essentially about being brave, but Mario is already brave when the movie starts. Luigi is the character that grows. But his evolution is a light and gentle one. If anything the movie is telling the audience that they are brave and that being like Mario, a brave hero, is good.

It’s light fare as is Illumination’s wont, but I do think the movie makes the case that this is the right way to handle a film about Brooklyn plumbers stranded in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Does Rosalina make an appearance in the film?

No. While the movie is packed with references, it is a streamlined story that doesn’t have too many unnecessary characters. My boy Diddy does have a singular line (not played by Michael Cera), but many other mainstays do not. No Wario or Waluigi or Nabbit or Birdo or Daisy and while there are specific Toads, none of them have names so no Captain Toad or Toadette. No Bowser Jr. No Koopalings although Ludwig gets a fun shout out. Many major Kongs are seen in the film as “the Kong Army” is kinda the McGuffin of the second act so you do see Diddy, Dixie, Chunky, and Swanky. I didn’t see Tiny, Wrinkly, or Funky Kong but I probably just missed them. Finally in the post credits scene we do see Yoshi’s egg so there will hopefully be some Yoshi stuff if there is a sequel. Oddly enough, they do show a pack of Yoshi earlier in the film in one scene, but the egg is the green egg seemingly belonging to Mario’s Yoshi.

Anyway, they do a lot in this film, and there seems to be a lot of fertile ground to do more.

Outrageous, absolutely outrageous! Calling her unnecessary is a bridge too far. I can forgive your questionable taste when it comes to DKC, but this is a line in the sand you just don’t cross. I’m personally affronted and offended!

Also consider the film officially boycotted by yours truly!

Lol, thanks for letting me know. I didn’t expect her to be but since the trailer features a Luma, I thought I’d ask :slight_smile:


We saw it to-day with a friend ! That was great; as I don’t really have many local ones. It was one of the greatest movies of all time

– I wore my Super Mario Periodic Table shirt for the occasion; I looked very hot in it. I used to have 3 slightly different ones like that

– The Super Mario Super Show theme ! And, I heard that was Jeannie Elias in the commercial

– He should have a Brooklyn accent, though. And of course, Luigi should sound like Mario with a sore throat [as my brother once said]

– I liked all the Easter Eggs, not only Mario but other Nintendo games as well. “I get that !” I’d think to myself

– Earlier, I wondered if they were cramming a few too many games in at once [Mainline Mario, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, WRECKING CREW]. Maybe Donkey Kong could’ve been his own movie; one doesn’t really think of Mario and Donkey Kong as travelling companions in this sense

– I was surprised how often they averted Never Say Die here [not unlike the SMB1 manual] And Bowser trying to kill guys that he doesn’t even need to ! Problematic Fave

– Brave and loyal depiction of Toad, not unlike in Mario Warfare. Well, maybe not exactly like Mario Warfare…he doesn’t do all that much, though

– Having grown up with the Mario, I never really thought much about some aspects of the lore. Such as the rest of Mario & Luigi’s family. He always says “Mama Mia” but who is his mother ? Is she a MILH, etc. ? Well, you can decide for yourself

– I thought it was gonna be a Fire Flower in the bouquet. They sure showed me

– I pretty much guessed the ending; not unlike Sonic 2′s ending [the movie]. But, I hoped it’d be Mario and Luigi together because it’s just gotta be !

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Does someone want to marry Rosalina

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Everybody wants to marry Rosalina. She’s a top tier character.


I actually think the Mario + Donkey Kong dynamic is the best stuff in the movie! They’re so fun together and kinda real. I didn’t expect any depth or real characterization, but I like that DK is given some personality, and it is fun seeing him and Mario clash and work together. Assuming there is a sequel, I hope they dig deeper into the pair.

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I wonder if there will be Koopalings in a potential sequel [Ludwig seemingly named after the piano…or, more like named after the same guy as the piano]

I actually had a dream [earlier] where, in the movie, Bowser got a text from his wife that she had laid seven eggs. Her eggs looked like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles

Koopalings would be a hope of mine for the sequel. I think the retconning of the Koopalings as Bowser’s children would hold for a movie depiction considering Bowser’s film characterization as a simp.

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When does the Mario movie take place? Luigi has a cell phone where he gets calls from his mother, but Mario plays Kid Icarus on an actual NES. I guess it is a modern day film, but it definitely has those 80s vibes just built into it.

Mario confirmed retro gamer who won’t settle for less than the original hardware! Looking forward to his podcast.

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Watched it last night and absolutely loved it. Love all the references and characters were well played. And how about that Bowser (Jack Black) song!?!? Seriously talented guy :musical_keyboard:


Watching this now and I’m invested.

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