Mario Maker 2 Grouvee Levels

Given a few Grouvee members have started posting Mario Maker 2 levels, I thought it might be fun to index them here. If you have a level to share feel free to post it here.


Here are the first few levels that people have posted on the main site:

Sky Coup 1C0-VYT-RYG by @tylerisrandom

Funky Flora KY3-YWK-FDG by @tylerisrandom

Cat Tower RLV-XH0-5KF by @tylerisrandom

SMW Warmup 7Q8-Q07-WFF by @bmo

Coin Hunt Haunt 3BP-30J-JDG by @bmo

Plumbers Can’t Jump: 386-QKX-X7G by @kasparius

Fifty Cent Fetch in 3D World: CVC-FK2-57G by @bmo

Torgo’s Sensual Dungeon WJ6-77W-6YG by @Torgo


Some new entries today:

Unclog the Goomba Pipeline! WJG-RMJ-7YG by @tylerisrandom

Mole Man’s Revenge 8X1-HKN-DGG by @tylerisrandom

Super Intro Bros. 53H-07P-NSG by @bmo

Super Spelunker Bros. 7N3-65K-XCG by @bmo

Fortress of Sand and Tears 4S8 K0N XJF** by @Torgo

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Torgo’s Sensual Underground Lair 6RY-L92-84G by @Torgo

Winterland Vacation 25F-BFW-2KF by @bmo

Fiendish Factory DVP-B7M-1KG by @tylerisrandom

The Heist!! NGK-83X-G4G by @tylerisrandom

Super Mario 1-1 with a twist 6HK-S41-SCG by @Torgo

Blighttown Bogwalk DNL-XQ8-RCG by @Torgo

Dig, Archaeologist Mario, Dig!! GRK-MV9-NWF by @tylerisrandom

Temple of the Forbidden Fossil NQ9-LK3-08G by @tylerisrandom

L’il L’vl DNQ-DK8-JXG by @tylerisrandom

Too Many Keys and Doors VYK-CLF-SRG by @bmo

La maldición de la pirámide 4B5-5FX-SDG by @Sir_Laguna

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9SW RDC J3G Haunted flowers. Thanks!

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Mario’s Gloomy Rainy Monday 71V-DVR-81G by @Torgo

Slip n’ Munch - RP4-2JT-VFG

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Thanks for the feedback so far. People playing my levels feels good. Hope everyone is getting the same satisfaction :slight_smile:

Today’s level is Pipes Galore! FVT-4RY-3LF

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C91-GL1-CRG by @MarioPrime

Takeoffs and Landings: WP1-RYL-S4G By @MarioPrime


From cold to colder! 33D-D48-8LF

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‘La Bruja del Bosque’ by @Sir_Laguna

Code: 5SX PK0 RRG

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6XN-SCY-L2G by @Torgo

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‘Caida Libreeeeeeee!’ by @Sir_Laguna (that’s me! lol)

Code: 4KY C3Y F5G


Mario Town in Winter 8R3-1RS-92H by @bmo

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‘Battle of Winterfell’ by @Sir_Laguna

Code: 322 TCQ 4HG

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F6P-MMX-F2H In donuts we trust
BG6-R0R-WXF Boss boot battle!
45F-JQ6-2YF Spare a thought for Thwomp Fort
05N-YTM-93G The Only Way Is Up clap Marioo
CQ2-RVW-YPF Dead Fish Swimming
F3N-K6P-GFF Chain Chomp Prison Ship
K9L-WLG-SDG Thwomp Road Block

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