Just want to know what are future plans

Hey I am new here and I was just thinking if there are any plans to add additional feature like view this game on Giantbomb(basically, a link to it for detailed review of game), enabling different view types like grid, list or other types, maybe options to view pics in games like in Giantbomb etc.

I know that Grouvee is kinda of hobby for dev but just wanted to know if there are plans and if there are any, please share them with us.

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So, I just checked the dev’s twitter account and the work was already on for UI change on the shelf front which is great. If I may add, it would be great if you could add options like- ‘view this game on giantbomb’ and ‘more game like this’ etc…(which are already there on darkadia.com).

This is something that I’ve said would be great in past, at least conceptually. But from the practical side of running a website, it is a nightmare. YouTube videos are constantly in flux. They get taken down, or they get moved. Adding linked videos to game pages is a great idea but the reality is that it will eventually lead to hordes of broken links, and that needs to be checked and updated manually. From my experience broken links are enough trouble without introducing links to media that are historically pretty unstable.

Another great idea that might stick more than the ability to showcase a YouTube video is to host a slideshow of sorts or a tiling of game screenshots that can be aggregated by the site and scripts or submitted for approval from users. There have been many instances where I have went to a games page and been intrigued but had to look elsewhere for more information other than the blurb and an image for the “box art”.

Just a suggestion. @peter, I know with the site in flux with the departure of a few members of Giant Bomb, this may seem like a big ask, but possibly something to look to later on down the line.