I Need Help Finding an Old MMO

Whether this game is down or not I can’t seem to find any trace of it anywhere on the web. I forgot the name of this game so I’ll try to describe as best as I can. I played this game in 2012 or 2013. It is a Sci-fi MMORPG where I think you play as a guy who has control over these creatures in a digital world and can use them to fight other creatures in a turn based battle system. It’s kind of like Pokemon because you can fight other people with these creatures and they evolve when they fight enough. I remember the designs looking very insect-like but squishy like an alien with no facial features. Very strange looking and almost mechanical digital creatures. Almost like they are computer viruses or something. I also think the backgrounds were pitch black during battles. Someone please help me learn the name of this game!

I don’t know but it sounds like Digimon.

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digimon have faces tho
and are cute
these guys are ugly and less varied with no faces

Not sure which platform we talking about but Spectrobes come to my mind for some reason

PC browser based mmorpg
Spectrobes have faces
These monsters did not

maybe this list can help, find the gameplay on YouTube. good luck

Tried them all and nothing. The game is not a sapce flight sim or strategy game. It is a MMO POKEMON clone. I played it on PC maybe I had to download it or maybe it was browser based. I know for a fact the gameplay was similar to Pokemon battles.

It could be: UFO Online: Fight for Earth

No it isn’t, the gameplay screenshots look nothing like what I remeber thanks though :slight_smile: .

I think ik the game your looking for, only problem is I’m looking for it too. iirc the premise was your were combating pc viruses with your own, the only creature model i remember was some kind of quadruped with pointed legs and a horseshoe crab head with the points ending in tendrils. I also remember it was definitely on pc, although I cant remember if it was browser based or not

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I might be misremembering it being a browser game but I definitely played iton apc and you nailed the description of the creatures! Iknew the game takes place in a computer, yses viruses to fightother viruses! Let’s team up and solve the mystery!

Hello Stefy. I randomly had an urge to try and find a game I played as a kid. THIS IS IT, but I can’t find ANYTHING on it anywhere. If you are still active please let me know if you found anything on it. The description of the pointy legged weird bug/crab creature is spot on. IDK why but I NEED THIS

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I found nothing man so far haha, let’s not give up hope tho!

Lego Spybotics is my best guess.

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I’m sorry, the game title was The Nightfall Indecent

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Nope that aint it. I would have remembered the grid and Lego. The battles weren’t grid based. You saw your monster on one side and your opponents monster on the other. You choose attacks from a menu until their HP depleted. It was very much like Pokemon. The monsters could even evolve.

This is one of my favorite threads on these forums. Every time someone posts I just hope someone has actually found it. It’s a suspenseful 3 year old story!


I keep searching for this and coming up empty, so I have some questions to try to narrow things down. Do you remember what the art style was like? Was it entirely black and white, or shades of grey, or even in color maybe? Was it pixely like the Gen1 Pokemon games, or a bit more modern? Also, was the game just combat, or were there scenes inbetween the combat, and if so how similar were those to Pokemon (still 2D)?

Thanks for your work so far! So the game definitely had colours, it was just the battles that took place in some black void and somewhat colourless void. It was not pixelated, the monsters were models, 3D animated and reminiscent of a PS2 or Gamecube game. The animations were kind of stilted maybe? Like instead of an animated 3D model, the animations were compiled snapshots of a 3D model. The game was mostly just combat, but they were menus to navigate finding a computer or other player battles. There wasn’t any cutscenes or story content I can remember but there was an opening animation of some young-looking guy hacking into a computer or something? It’s why I understood the monsters as computer viruses and that I was battling my viruses in a computer against other viruses. The monsters themselves looked nothing like Pokemon, they looked more like the Krawl from Spectrobes. Hopefully this all helps!

Ah OK, that gives me more to work with! Was it Nanovor?

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