How to request games to be added to database?

I recently got Siberia Collection for PS3 but it doesn’t seem to appear anywhere on the site. How do you request games to be added?

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I believe these fine folks will help you @peter, @headrollsoff

So, I am torn on this one. There are instances where collections are not added as separate entities from the titles included in the collection (i.e. Prototype). Both Syberia and Syberia II are in the database and have a PS3 option. Not sure if I should add an extra option or just suggest using those. @peter?

So just to reiterate, the original data for this site comes from Giant Bomb, and we have the power to edit it all now. I’m not sure if they have a hard fast rule on when they put a game up there. My guess is they do it on a case by case basis if they think a collection has something that you can’t get anywhere else.

I don’t think we should add it if it’s just a repackaging of the two Syberia games. Based on what I’m reading, these don’t seem to be HD updates or anything, so I would think just using the two Syberia games on the site would be more consistent with what we have on the site already.

I never know what to do with these collections. I think a releases section would be a great spot for them for cases like this. Then you could just specify that you have the PS3 Collection release of the game, and everyone is happy (hopefully).

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That is definitely what I was leaning towards. I figured a second opinion was needed. I don’t want to muddy up the data by going off on a different set of rules for how games are handled.

I was wondering about adding games to the database myself. What if we come across games that are simply not in the database at all? There are a few 2016 release titles I wish to add to my wishlist. I also came across a couple older games that do not seem to be in the database (I noted them down somewhere and hope I can find them).

If there are things completely missing from the database, you can post in here to request to have them added. We try to get things added relatively quickly when people request it. Some things are harder to find good information on than others.

Thanks for the tip. Would you guys be able to add the following?

Seasons After Fall

Done. Here are the pages:

thanks, that is awesome :slight_smile:

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I wanted to add following Games/Add-Ons, but I don’t find them or they aren’t in the database:

Cities Skylines: After Dark
Heavy Rain Chronicles: Episode One - The Taxidermist

DLCs are tied to the main game entry and therefore don’t have a separate listing.

DLCs/Add-Ons are seperated in the database.
For example:
Left Behind (The Last of Us)
Alan Wake’s American Nightmare
Age of Empires Add-Ons
Total War Add-Ons
Zoo Tycoon Add-Ons
World of WarCraft Add-Ons

If a DLC shows up, it’s GiantBomb’s doing. When I add games to the database, any DLC that requires the main game to be played, I link to the main game. That means when you do something like import your Steam library, any DLC is discounted as just being the main game. That is our policy when adding games. Soundtracks and other game extras are marked as ‘not a game’ and are never added to your Grouvee library.

For example, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is not DLC, it is a standalone game. Therefore it should have it’s own listing on Grouvee.

Cities: Skylines - After Dark is a DLC that requires the main game to play. Therefore it does not have it’s own listing.

What to do with DLCs hasn’t been decided yet. Ideally someday it will be listed in some way tied to it’s game, but not as separate listings as not to clutter libraries, but there are a lot of other features right now that are higher on the priority list. For now, as we’ve suggested in the past, if you want to keep track of your DLC, making a private note on the game’s page is a good way to do that.

But all in all it’s very inconsequent.

There are many Add-Ons listed in the database, that aren’t playable without the main game…
Especially in the strategy genre. (Hearts of Iron Add-Ons, Total War Add-Ons, Battle of Middle-Earth, Star Wars Empire at War, Zoo Tycoon, Age of Empires etc.) So I was wondering why some Add-Ons have an own entry and some not…

but okay, I have to accept that your method is very inconsequent.

As I said, any DLC is a result of GiantBomb’s API. What they decide to have and not have, is very inconsistent. Sometimes they will have game remakes as a separate listing, sometimes not, sometimes they will have collections listed, sometimes not, and sometimes they add DLC, and sometimes they don’t. Unfortunately we don’t have any say over what they do. Often we’re left sorting out their mess, especially when they decide to delete a lot of games.

In the end, if DLC was only major things, I can see us having it listed. But so many games have 30 separate DLC’s for guns, or 50 different DLCs for character skins. It’s just far too much. According to Steam, I have over 1200 DLC’s and likely only a small number of those even add any real content to their games.

If anything, I can see actual game expansions as having a listing (such as the WoW expansions), but not just every piece of DLC. We’ll sort it out someday!

Like @Jess said, the DLC stuff is fairly inconsistent coming out of Giant Bomb.

What I would honestly like to do is merge all DLC entries that have snuck through into the main game entry.

If a DLC is standalone that can be played without the main game, then it should get its own entry. Something like Left Behind, Minerva’s Den, the WOW expansions, etc. would fall into that category.

How would you like to see them entered in our system @Ricutor? Giant Bomb actually has DLC entries underneath their main game entries, they just don’t expose them to API users.

All in all I am against Add-Ons and DLCs in the database, but it’s okay…

I played this games in my childhood but they aren’t in the database:
TKKG: Deadly Chocolate

TKKG: Mystery Of The Mayan Treasure

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Here you go:

I debated creating a new forum post for this but thought it better to add it to an existing discussion of database entries. A quick heads up, the following game does not have any platform categories/info attached to it:

The following game is missing platform information for PS3: