How do you record playthrough time?

When you record play time on Grouvee, do you use the time associated with the saved game (assuming that’s enabled) that wouldn’t reflect reloading old saves, dying, restarting, etc? I use the playtime Steam, GOG, Switch, etc records since I think reloading a save to undo a mistake, refighting a fight you lost, or even restarting a game when you realize you made an early mistake is all part of a playthrough of a game. Wondering if others feel the same way?

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I just record time in games that have its own playtime record.
I thought I could use some app or simply a chronometre when that’s the case, but… I saw the danger of worry too much about that coming and decided to not do it.

Funnily enough, I would do the same thing. I’ve played quite a few games where it doesn’t get recorded in game or via a portal so I’ve had to resort to Windows Stopwatch app to get the job done. Crude, but effective.

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I use the in game time and call it a day usually. If it doesn’t have it, I’ll just make an informed approximation. I used to care a lot but realized it was kind of silly. The one thing I do, with RPGs mostly, is use a stop watch to record the time from the last save point to the end of the credit roll. If I forget, I’ll look up a YouTube video with a similar pace.

I figure it all balances out between untimed redos and the times where I fall asleep on the couch for three hours in the middle of something and then save it before going to bed. :smile:


I record the total playthrough time. For anything that can be played on a Windows PC (from native PC games to emulated games), I use the time recorded by Playnite. For Android games, I use the time recorded by Android’s Digital Wellbeing. For anything else, I use a stopwatch.