How do you organise your Steam library?

One issue I encounter from time to time looking at my Steam library is the question of sorting it. It currently looks like a mess that has accumulated over the year as it has been a while since my last honest attempt, and therefore I currently have about 70% of my library categorised, and the remainder 30% in the default category. In the past I have put them in categories based on genre but as more and more games are added to my library I find it hard to choose good genre labels that both “feel right” and are at the same time useful as a way to sort my games when looking at my library.

One way to do it would be to mimic my grouvee shelves as I categorise them there based on completion level/intent/(and sometimes features) which is a lot easier to do.

I have been search around for a while looking for good solutions, and then I realised that this is probably the best community to ask given that we unite under the want to log and categorise things. Thus, hoping to get some inspiration: how do you organise your Steam library?


I have shelves “END”, “Reviewed”, “Multi”, “Racing”, “<5h”, “<10h”, “<20h”, “>20h”, “WTF”.
I always check average time to beat on
It’s great system when I know how much free time I will have next week or two (amount of work in my job fluctuates).


Hmm, that sounds like a fairly good system, it definitely solves the issue I mentioned of it being hard to have categories where categorising something is difficult. One thing I might consider (which might be what you have for Racing, but I might be wrong) is to have a genre category for 1 or 2 genres I really like so that I can easily pick those out without putting all of them in favourite, but not bother genre-labelling the vast majority.

I have now started reorganising and ended up combining your suggestion with a little bit of grouvee shelves mixed in. I am trying out 6 play time categories (T), 2 feature categories (F), and 4 status categories (S). They are as follows:

  • T1: <5h
  • T2: <10h
  • T3: <20h
  • T4: <40h
  • T5: >40h
  • T6: Forever
  • F1: Online coop
  • F2: Local coop
  • S1: Completed
  • S2: Playing
  • S3: Backlog
  • S4: The bin

I’ll try this labelling, possibly adding a genre label or two depending on whether I feel like this facilitates me finding the game I want to play or not.


Most of my games are in the default category but once I play them a bit I’ll move them to headers such as ‘currently playing’, '‘come back to’, ‘done!’, ‘freebie’ (to remind myself which games were free), ‘to play soon’. These are pretty generic, I know, but I do like the idea of separating into hours to complete.

I used to have it organized but, once, Steam lost all those settings so now I just use the favorites and default.