How can request for a game to be added?

yo vsauce here
i recently started playing “class of '09” and “the re-up” but i don’t seem to be able to find them on the site
is there is a way that i can request for them to be added ???
or maybe add them my self ?

Log In and track your game collection and backlog with Grouvee will be the link you want to go to to add a game.

Great. Imma add it real quick
Thank you

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How do i add a publisher & developer ?
SBN3 is also not available on the site

@Peter should be able to assist further with that, as I believe if it isn’t in the database already, users are not allowed to add it to the game page themselves.

We can add the dev and publisher for you. List them here and I’ll add it to the database entry. Have you already submitted the entry? If not, go ahead and then I’ll follow up.

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The developer and publisher name is SBN3
but i already submitted my entry

Added to both entries.

Hi y’all. Anyone know if the create page linked above is working for anyone else right now? I’ve been trying to add a game (Delta Force: Hawk Ops) since last week but I keep getting this error after trying to save it: 413 Request Entity Too Large (nginx/1.9.15). I’ve tried on 3 browsers now (Chrome, Brave, Edge). Thanks in advance!

Probably means the image you’re using for the boxart is too big. I have my server config setup where the image can’t be bigger than 20 mb.

Oh geez, you’re right. The image was 22mb. I resized it and tried again, and can confirm it’s all good now. Thank you!