How can I request badges for games I have completed?

Hello Grouvee,

I am still fairly new to this awesome family of GAMERS, with that being said, how can I request badges for game I finished? I would appreciate badges for my more special games first instead of a badge for every game.


Hey there, @FLOWFAMOUS welcome to our little corner of the internet here on Grouvee! If you completed a game and there is a badge for it, you have to go to that game’s topic (aka. Forum) and leave a comment. A Grouvee mod or admin will like your comment and that grants you the badge. If you’re talking about requesting NEW badges for Grouvee then the best you can do is put in a request for a game on the Badge Request forum here: Badge Requests and hope for the best. Badges are made by for Grouvee only by @Jess and me at the moment. I actually sent over a few badges for games that came out in 2019 to Grouvee’s creator, @peter and he is in the process of setting them up. May I ask which game you are requesting a badge for? I might have already designed it :wink:


Ok awesome, I would like a badge for Gravity Rush 2 and even more for Odin Sphere Leifthrasir.


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