Halloween Gaming

This year, I’ve decided to fill out my October with horror/spooky games. These are the games I’m going to try to complete before the month is out (I know, I’m a dreamer). Anyone else planning on a spooky Halloween gaming season?


I’ve got Corpse Party. Maybe I should play that one too.

It’s not exactly scary, but I might try and finish Costume Quest 2.

Enjoy Corpse Party! It’s pretty messed up.

I want to play Corpse Party so bad.

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Though sadly we don’t really celebrate Halloween in Australia (sadface) I’d love to take part in this extravaganza! I agree with you, I’ve wanted to play Eternal Darkness for a long time, I might bump it up my list. Other games (some of which I’ve not yet played) which could be greatly enjoy during the spooky season would be as follows. Many of these games are hidden gems, forgotten masterpieces of darkness and despair.


Layers of Fear looks absolutely incredible, however it is currently only half-finished and in beta. I want to wait a couple months until the devs have a final product before I play it. Perhaps due by Halloween!?

Shamless plug of two of the coolest games in existence that really need more exposure! CatackysmDDA is a post-apocalyptic sorta-surival horror game, all procedurally generated. Incredible depth and my favourite game of this year (out of everything on this list, I recommend this title the most above all. If you do try it, make sure to download the newest experimental build, enable the MShock32 tileset and install the ambient sound mod). The second game Infra Arcana is a beautiful little causal rogue game too, with Lovecraft mythos and Blood(DOS/pc) inspiration. Brutal horrifying, scary,atmospheric, simple and streamlined easy-to-learn mechanics (for a rogue) and according to my grim fates generator, if you play this you will certainly become "entombed within a ruined cathedral then crushed to death by an alien nightmare; thrown into a howling maelstrom of darkness. These two spooky games are so unbelievably good and it’s shocking that they have so little public attention:

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I downloaded Corpse Party to my Vita last night. I will mix it into my Shovel Knight playing this month.

This game was ultra scary and disturbing. I loved it. I wonder what that says about me…

I’m excited to start Corpse Party since several folks seem interested in it. I almost picked up Phantasmagoria on GOG the other day because that one looks very cool, and is such a classic.

I’m intrigued by the rogue-likes. I’m not usually the biggest fan of rogue-likes, but the idea of a horror themed one sounds pretty neat.

I’d definitely recommend Phantasmagoria, it’s a beautiful game, so gory… but the best part is the horrible acting and all the whole 90’s FMV silliness. But still a cool spooky game. Other similar games to that I almost added were the Darkseed games. They’re pretty awful games, borderline unplayable, but really cool cuz they’re so dorky and clunky and FMV and all that. Game with Gabriel Knight 2.

As for the rogue games, Infra Arcana and Cataclysm DDA are both FREEEE games btw, so there’s no harm in trying. But they’re both brutally difficult, you’ll die lots. At least with Infra Arcana the learning curve isn’t too steep, it’s easy to pick up and play a few casual rounds, my games only last about 10-15mins and then I die lol.

I was talking to someone somewhere, I’m not sure where, maybe it wasn’t even on Grouvee forums, but it was about games that actually scared you. Like, as in, you were literally spooked and felt fear and your finger kept hovering over the ESC key. At the time I couldn’t think of any, but after some more thought I’ve realised there are some games that have scared the shit out of me. They are as follows:

  • Outlast
  • Alien Isolation
  • System Shock 2
  • GODS (1992)

In fact, I cannot believe I didn’t add SS2 to my list!!! This should be right at the very top of my list of horror games. That game is truly truly terrifying. Those monkeys… I still have nightmares about those monkeys.

I actually re-played SS2 a year ago, there’s a bunch of great community patches/upgrades, and it was such a wonderful and truly terrifying trip down memory lane. I would say, out of all the games I’ve ever played in my life, System Shock 2 is still the one has filled me with the most fear and despair.

In Summary: Do NOT play System Shock 2, because for the rest of your existence your nightmares shall be haunted by the chirping and scampering of those telekinetic monkeys…