Half-Life 2


This is the discussion/completion topic for Half-Life 2. Please keep any spoilers blurred!


If you’ve completed the game, let us know below and a staff member will make sure you get your badge!

This badge has no title! Please help us out by giving suggestions! The title can’t be something generic like "Hero’ as it could apply to many games. Make sure it relates to the game somehow, but doesn’t spoil it!


Beaten it many times over, should complete all the achievements one day.

I don’t have much hope for HL3 coming up in the nearest decade… but one can always dream, right?

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completed it with joy, claim batch!

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For me, this is one of the candidates at the best game of all time. Amazing experience. I refuse to give up on Half Life 3. There must be a sequel to this, there MUST be a proper ending.

What about “The Free-Man” for a title? And yeah, of course I want the badge :sunglasses:


Probably beaten this across a good two or three platforms now. Getting The Orange Box for the 360 was an absolute delight back in the day. Badge please!

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Badge please. :slight_smile:

Title ideas:

  • The Freeman
  • Chosen
  • In Stasis
  • Citadel Survivor
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Such a great game still. Played it 2 years ago or so for the first time after watching it played so many times. The ending is such a great example of how to satisfyingly ramp up your power in a game.

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I’ll take a badge. The lore around Half-Life 2 is where I spend my time nowadays but there is something to be said about how impressive the physics were and how fun they were to play with when it came out.

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Let’s be honest, the world will end before we get a Half-Life 3
Badge please.

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I loved playing and completing this. Really fun times. Half-Life 3 would be insane if it would ever come up as a release instead of still being a living meme. LUL

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Wooo! I beat them! Badge Please!:


I completed it when it was first released 16th November 2004. Yes I memorized the date and still remember that day.
It was my most anticipated game ever. And it’s for sure one of my favorite games ever.

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