Grouvers Artwork

I placed this into Off-Topic but I know I’ve purchased games based on art alone.

This is a topic @torgo proposed over on the main site. As some of you know (who have been Grouving for the past five or so years, since I’ve jumped on the scene) I’m an artist. I’ve volunteered my time and art for a comic book company and have donated art for a mental health center, taught classes, and sold my own artwork privately.

@torgo is also an artist, a dang talented one too!

So, without further ado lets see some of your artwork! I’ll tag some folk who I know are artistic but all are welcome to reply with their original artwork. Yes, if you use an a reference then your work is original. @tylerisrandom, I already tagged Torgo twice, and I may be mistaken but I believe @lesbiangamesnob has posted about artwork/graphic novels/etc.

Here are some of mine. I prefer abstract but dabble in landscape, post impressionist, pastel, acrylics, ink, charcoal.


Fun topic! Thanks for sharing your artwork, @8BitHero.

I’ve drawn for as long as I can remember. Through college I earned most of my spending money as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator. I was also studying design, and I soon learned that I liked the job of design better than I liked the job of illustration. But I still find plenty of excuses to doodle, primarily for fun but occasionally I incorporate it into my professional work.

I’ve always preferred drawing bold, graphic shapes, so I tend to work in pen, ink and marker. I also do a lot of drawing digitally with a Wacom Intuos tablet.


You’re welcome, and those are great! Awesome style and nice story as to when you started creating art and how it’s helped you!