Grouvee’s Official Animal Crossing: New Horizons Discussion Thread and General Hangout

Hi Grouvee members,

In anticipation of the New Horizon launch, this is the official thread that will allow discussion, info sharing and general Animal Crossing related content. Feel free to use this thread to connect with other Grouvee members playing New Horizons, to collaborate or invite others to you island, and to generally have a great time hanging out and playing Animal Crossing. I’ll pin the topic for the next couple weeks so that it’s easy for members to find at a glance.

So if you’re stuck inside thanks to Covid-19 and are looking for fellow Animal Crossing players to help you while away the time, this is the place for you.

Stay safe and have fun!


Please immediately tell us what fruit you have!

I have pears!!!

I have an abundance of cherries!

My island is full of oranges!

What did people name their island?

I haven’t made my island yet because I’m waiting for my roommate to wake up (I kind of want to play the game together with her). I was thinking of just going with Ulthar the name of my last town but maybe I should think of something else. Looking forward to playing, I’ll definitely start the adventure today!

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I’m not playing. But I’m sitting here watching the Mrs play and she’s so happy.

And she has peaches. They look like bums.

We had a childish giggle when she ate some. Them bums were juicy!


I have pears. My residents are Tank and Tammy. Meaning that my welcome party was attended by Timmy, Tommy, Tammy and Tank!

My island is Isla Lunta, location of Jurassic Park site C. At least, I hope, when I get all those lovely fossils.


Too good not to share. I could hear his heart breaking off screen and over the Pacific Ocean


My town is named Sha Vocado because I’m a millennial who copes with stress through Vine compilations.

I’ve got oranges for days. Oranges were also my town fruit in Wild World.

My residents are Rocket and Axel.

My heart needed this game so bad.


My town is Gladstone and the residents are Dom and Sylvia.

I haven’t played a full console Animal Crossing since the GameCube version, so I have a lot to learn.


Couple’a ladykillers…


I’m not playing AC but I hope everyone enjoys it! I’ll be across the aisle playing Doom.


Twinberry. Named for its many cherry trees as well as its scrotum-shaped river formation. My buddies are Renee and Moose (the mouse), as well as my wife!

This is also my first AC game since the Gamecube release. It feels like returning home.



That is all for this morning’s updates. Now I’m going to go listen to rambling facts about every single fish and insect I’ve been stockpiling.


OK I made my town and my little cutie. I got peaches and I am living on the island of Ulthar.

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I decided to get in on this fun. My island name is La Familia, and I have apples. My residents are Diva and Goose. I was very upset that I didn’t have enough letters to name my island Isla de Hammertime. The screen shows that you can use twice as many letters than you actually can!

How in the hell do you get screenshots off your switch? Do you just have to pull your SD card out and transfer them off?


You can transfer photos to Twitter or Facebook, or you can transfer them via SD card reader on your computer. I just send them to Twitter because I’m too lazy to pull the SD card out.

I was frustrated by the letter limit as well, for that exact reason.

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Rogueport is my town, with peaches and soon will also have cherry tress thanks to a letter from my mom. Starter residents are Plucky and Biff, want all the octopi villagers, Anchovy, and Cube.