Grouvee Friends on Steam/Origin/ :)

Hey! I looked through the first page and couldn’t find a topic for this… hopefully I’m not double-posting!

What are your usernames on steam, origin, blizzard, etc.? I noticed a game I’m playing shows your other Steam friends’ scores on levels and I was like… HEY! What an idea! Lol. :sweat_smile:

Here are mine in case anyone wants to add me. :video_game:

Steam: Sugarhihihello (links are in most of our profiles tho?)
Origin: Candystarfish Candystar#1595

Are there any I’m forgetting…?


You can find some of our members in the Steam Grouvee Group! Steam Community :: Group :: grouvee

There isn’t much there, can’t figure out what to do with it!

Also I don’t think the link to your Steam in your profile is public, it’s just for the import games feature. :slight_smile:

btw, couldn’t find Steam Community :: Error

Here’s me tho - Steam Community :: Sweetheart Gamer :smile:


I had no idea there was a steam group!!! flies into it at full speed hahaha

Oh bleh that’s because steam gives you like 9 usernames. My login name is sugarhihihello, my name in chat is sugarstars I think, and my name in my link is pterodactyl with like 900 r’s because I didn’t think it mattered and now i regret it lololol…

You can change your custom URL if you don’t like it actually. If you go to your profile, click edit profile, there’s a place there to change it.

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Steam: EarlGrey42 EarlGrey#11583 (although I haven’t played much on lately, except the recent Overwatch Beta)

Steam: 8BitHero EightBitHero #1244 (Occasionally play Hearthstone. I go through phases)

I posted in the Steam group just now.

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I don’t know how to do it, but my profile page is:

This site is useful for tracking people down:
Feel free to add me. I think I’ve added everyone on this thead. :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to chat about games/life/stuff, feel free to add me on Steam! Username’s Incus or inkerir.

I’m not a big Steam user, but here’s my profile: Steam Community :: shaylross