GrouvCast Question: Which console should Shae get?

@spigelwii was debating whether he should get the PS4 or the Xbox One on the latest episode of the GrouvCast this week. So everyone on the show decided to ask you guys! Which console should he get? Give us your most compelling arguments for getting one over the other. Here’s a poll you can click to cast your vote if you want:

  • Xbox One
  • PS4

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  • Steam Box
  • PC

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Microsoft really upped their game in therms or their game library this gen. Last gen their most compelling games where just their regular games like halo, forza, gears of war…, now they have a lot of new compelling ips so the decision is a bit harder. But the ps4 has even more compelling games imo and it also has more power than the xbox so I’d say ps4. Also most of the xbone exclusives are on pc as well so I would rather recommend getting a good pc and a ps4.

I don’t have a ps4 or even a ps3. I have the old school ps2 because I’m a retro gamer (mostly). I had a lot of fun with my ps2 so I’m sure ps4 is awesome, my vote for ps4. My other vote is a steam box, just because it seems like it would be sweet. I love all things steam, I would buy one if it wasn’t so expensive and if I could convince my wife.

Xbox is definitely taking steps in the right direction when it comes to exclusives but ultimately, I think that the PS4 will have a greater number of must-play exclusives in the long run. I’d get a PS4 now and then wait for the Xbox One to have a decent price cut. That’s what I’m doing.

The only thing that makes xbone better than ps4 is freaking rare replay, and you can play all the rare games anyway on other consoles.