GrouvCast Epsiode 12 - Games that shaped us

Let us know what you think!

Obviously, Earthbound shaped who I am a lot. That game was like the landscape of my mind when I was a kid.

But I also liked FF2 as well. Palom and Parom were so rad, and Kain and Edge’s abilities were so cool. I wasn’t super about being a paladin at first but after I found out I could use healing spells I was sold. You lost a lot of attack power doing that though. Golbez being not the bad guy threw me for a loop. Summons were also really cool at the time. Odin! Have you had a change to play The After Years version or the updated version on the DS?

Much respect to Jess for owning a TI994a as a kid.

I think the game that really jazzed me up right at the very beginning was Legend of Kage. Just the feeling of jumping through them trees while the music plays and slicing up enemy ninjas and throwing ninja stars everywhere. Dodging fireballs and climbing trees. It was super fun and addicting and I never forgot it.

You guys touch on a lot of my favorite games, so it was fun listening to you.

Thanks for listening! Always great to hear about another person’s love for Earthbound, although it was before my time in terms of growing up playing video games.

You guys mentioned a few games I didn’t even think of as having shaped me. Halo for sure, but that was during my pseudo break from gaming. I enjoyed hearing that I wasn’t the only gamer who took a break, eventhough Jess claimed she hasn’t, she’s a true gamer.

I think the best period of gaming for me was high school, where my friends and I all got PS2 and Final Fantasy X. It was fun to get home from school play FFX, go to school the next day and talk about it with friends. One of my buddies hung up the sphere grid poster over his bed, hardcore geekism.

Long response short, games that shaped me:

  • Castlevania Symphony of the Night - Always a fan of the series but this game just had a feel to it and the amount of items to collect was astounding
  • Super Mario Bros - Got me excited about platformers and video games in general. The first game I ever played
  • Golden Eye - Introduced me to FPS
  • River City Ransom - Awesome two player beat em up, introduced me to the genre
  • Super Street Fighter 2 - First experience with fighting games
  • Mega Man 2 - Loved the graphics and music. Really made me a fan of the series.