Grouvcast - Bring it Back!

@Jess @peter. I would be very happy if you brought back the podcast, even for a couple episodes then take a six month break. I love it so much. I listen to the most recent episodes on repeat when I drive. I’m finding more and more funny parts that I go back to and laugh even more about. Some of my highlights:

  • Episodes with @Torgo are my favorites because he’s hilarious. I particularly love the end of one episode where he talks about playing Gwent in Witcher 3, or rather, not playing Gwent. Jess remarks it doesn’t seem like something Geralt would do. Then Tom says “it’s like he’s going around playing Magic: The Gathering with his friends.” I just love that!
  • Episode where Peter talks about people complaining that the Switch dock scratches the screen. I believe he says “if you just put the Switch in there like a normal human being.” I laugh more and more every time I listen to that. Then Tom says something like “as long as you don’t frisbee it across the room it won’t get scratched.”

I love every episode. I also dream about being a guest on an episode but that probably won’t happen because I just don’t play a lot of games. I could talk on and on about modding and building systems but most of the time I would be like “nope, haven’t played it” or “oh yeah, lots of people love that game, I haven’t played it.” Or I might say something like “I have that game, haven’t played it yet, or only played 20 minutes.”

Anyway, I know you folks are busy, but you know where I stand. It’s just better than other podcasts because I sort of know you guys…or have learned things about you through text conversations.

Bring it back!!


You’re the best!

I had emailed @Jess like a month ago saying we should do another one, then dropped the ball on getting one scheduled because I’m the worst.

I’ve still got the feed going, and I agree that we should probably do another one soon!

You’d be way more interesting than me on a show :slight_smile: I barely play games at all anymore because I’m a goofball dad now. I’ll message you if we get around to doing another one.


I second this. There should definitely have a hardware maker or DIY episode with @8bithero

Thanks guys, I would love to be on an episode! I could give tips about building things and buying a raspberry pi. Let me know @peter if you’re recording a new one.

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I’m down to do more episodes if the stars align once more. :clown_face::+1:
But I know we’re all really busy atm, especially Peter and especially this time of year. Still though, perhaps our schedules shall align during some distant eon, maybe our brains-floating-in-tanks (ala Whisperer in the Darkness) can do a reunion episode in the year 2307. Srsly tho, I’m up for it. :raised_hands:
Thanks @8BitHero for your praise, those little snippets made me recall how much fun we had making the podcasts and the silly little garden paths we became lost down. Would be cool if you made a guest appearance! :star_struck:


Right, holidays. I’m a patient person.

That would be ultra cool, but I don’t even need to be on an episode. I’m just itching at some new material. I’ve seriously listened to the most recent five or six at least three times each. I’m beginning to finish people’s sentences. Next is the part where Peter says “Alright, now on to the - Why is this game popular segment?”