Good, Short Games for Under $1 on Steam?

Challenge to you Grouvers. What are some decent/good games on Steam for less than $1? I sold some cards and now have like $1.50. I would like something short, retro style, non-rpg. Well just about anything half way decent for cheap. Thanks.

On Steam, I recommend Hook. It’s a nice mimimalist puzzler. I had fun with it for less than a dollar.

I also recommend going to Bundle Stars right now and spending an additiional 90 cents out of pocket for the Dollar Rage bundle. Use Summer10 to get the extra pennies off. Less than two bucks and you can have twenty-four new games.


Thanks for the recommendation. I picked it up today and played for a bit. It’s great!

Glad to hear it! I may have to go play a round or three myself now. :grinning:

This is a decent page that lists games by price on Steam. You can sort by price ascending. It doesn’t necessarily help with determining whether a game is any good, but you might stumble on something.

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