Going back to recommendations

going back to the post made here https://discuss.grouvee.com/t/does-this-site-make-recommendations/2946

I’m looking for something along the lines of Goodreads reacommendations (again this is kind of site I am looking)
the Playstation Store recommendation systems is lacking to say the least.
The Steam is good.
some other are probably as well - the point is to have a cross platform recommendations system or user based algorithm (if you like this game and this game, the other player that also like those is liking this one), plus a more flexible shelving system that enbales recommendation based on shelves names.


I was thinking it would be neat if like on Criticker the site predicted how much you might like a game. Criticker compares your (film) scores to other members’ and calculates the average difference between them. Those with the most similar scores are used to predict your future scores.

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Criticker does the same for games. Honestly I thought this site did too - I’m going to stop using it now…

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I think this website does something like this and will try to look into this.