Does this site make recommendations?

That’s what I signed up for. I would like to be automatically recommended games that are similar to other games I’ve played. Is this a feature yet (I couldn’t find it if so)? How long would I need to wait until it is?

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Nope, it doesn’t and I don’t think it will ever be. That feature it usually more common on sites that let you buy stuff online, Grouvee is more used to keep track of your gaming collection and talk about it

The only feature at the moment that has little to do with your subject is the: “Tell Me What To Play” button on the top left corner of your shelves section.

But it just generates a random title if you are not sure what to try next, helping you out to maybe make up your mind. That’s pretty much it.


Thanks for clarifying this. I had seen the button and was wondering what it was for.

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Granted, these are all Steam-based, but you obviously have their official experimental recommendation tool based on your most played, but also I’ve found this Wikipedia-style tool to be useful as well for finding rare games related to single games I’ve played. Steam Filters is good for searching through the store and your wishlist, but more so your library by tags.