GigaDeath's 2021 Challenge

I didn’t realize I never started a thread for this years Challenge (I did this half way through last year as well!) so here we go. Time for a half time update:.

Tables have turned, I started out this year strong completing some old oddities. January kicked off with a bang with Duke it out in DC completed by jan 2. spider man, shadow complex, mirror’s edge and cloudpunk all finished in about a week. since then I’ve explored various old FPS mods throughout the year but began biting off more than i could chew of the newer, longer games and find myself STILL playing Sanctus Reach, YAkuza 0, and picked up no man’s sky again. (All games that I had played back in 2019.) I’ve also gotten pulled back into a few new endless games as well.

It’s all good however I wont be getting in nearly the amount of titles this year as I did last but I haven’t been stressing about a compulsive need to finish as many titles as i can. Been taking a slower place with titles like Fishing Planet and Stalker Lost Alpha (which after many years was finally completed of playing it off and on) and I picked up Stalker Anomaly which is really cool and I can see myself playing it for a few years as well. These two alone taking up a huge chunk of time and i just picked up Genshin Impact. Hoo boy…

As for genres for 2021 I’ve been playing a lot of FPS games and sim games this year. Portal 2 for my first time, sniper elite 3, terminator resistance, sniper ghost warrior contracts, ARMA Gold and quite a bit more decent games (Prey is currently paused) been playing doom modpacks in oculus quest because QuestZdoom is so well made (and makes it so easy)

I might be becoming a boomer because I find I like Simulation games. Had to get back into PC Building simulator and check out the updates for that game (which isnt much but the new hardware is cool and i’m curious to complete the campaign at some point) cooking simulator and my favorite game of the year maybe, Fishing planet (Eager to try out the new Fishing North Atlantic and Euro Truck Simulator… but its not the time!)

Other trends include making some decent progress on Supergiant (in fact i was playing Pyre before writing this and with that will have maybe completed ALL of their games in 2021 from start to finish, so that’s something!) and bloober titles. (last year i played a few frictional games as well) hope to complete all of these developers work by end of 2022. a very achievable goal and worthwhile as i like their style.


Almost another year of Grouvee Challenge. Have eased back a bit with completionitis (also work) as compared to last year. Yet, I’ve still completed quite a bit! This time I focused more on just picking games I wanted to play rather than getting numbers in, or slating things to specific challenge slots and much of the games are games i’ve played before or never stopped playing BattleTech, No Man’s Sky (with the Expedition’s made available again) PC Building Simulator.

Last year, and the year before, I liked the Grouvee Challenge concept (and hey I still do) and tried to stack as many titles into the played shelf as I could each year… But, I think that due to the frequency of games that I get for free on Epic, Amazon, and other places It has someone shifted my perspective and I have somewhat accepted that it will never be possible to actually complete them all, and with just under 1K completions under my belt, I don’t think I will continue to go for raw numbers. I am okay to let the backlogs stack up, and the playing shelf balloon, and even to let those classics stay on the wishlist… In the end its’ just another game going on one of these shelves anyway.

Looking forward to next year and slating my titles to challenge categories again!

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Counts for the year’s end:

Official Grouvee Challenge Format: 14
Steam Tags: 20
Console/Platforms: 1
Total: 35

Of those 35 games:


Grouvee Retrogame Club Picks/Top 250/Horrible 100: 2
Completed Backlogs: 1
Backlogs/Abandoned Attempts/Current Playthroughs in Limbo (Both Current and Prior): 15
New Backlogs/Abandoned Attempts/Current Playthroughs in Limbo: 5 (of that 15)

(I write-off endless games as wash and not count them for either my Played shelf or Grouvee Challenge or as penalties for abandonment. Had a few of those.)

I added several gems from the current Grouvee Top 250 list to next year’s challenge, and keeping current (and new backlogs) bound to their slots. (perhaps that might make for an incentive to play them?)


Spider-Man Super-Hero World

Broken Reality Surreal or Dreamy

Brutal Legend Rock & METAL!

Cloudpunk Powerful Vehicle
Mirror’s Edge Ninja / Parkour Skill

ArmA Combat Operations War & Natural Disasters
Terminator: Resistance Futurism & Technology
Kill It With Fire Mental Health/Psychology

Metro Redux Caverns/Underground
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha Weather Changes

Bastion The Quest
Pyre Voyage And Return

A Short Hike Road Trip (driving / traveling game)
Duke Carribean: Life’s A Beach Vacation (casual game)


Superhot: Mind Control Delete FPS
Quake Mission Pack No 2: Dissolution of Eternity Violent
Quake Mission Pack No 1: Scourge of Armagon Gore
Gaiares Shoot 'Em Up
Sigil Mature
Dragon Warrior II Hidden Object
Observer: System Redux Cyberpunk
Shadow Complex Metroidvania
Sniper Elite 3 World War II
The Red Solstice Real-Time With Pause
BattleTech Mechs
TMNT: Fall Of The Foot Clan Ninja
Hellsign Supernatural
Duke It Out In D.C. America
Vostok Inc Capitalism
Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts Sniper
Portal 2 Artificial Intelligence
Transistor Dynamic Narration
Necromunda: Underhive Wars Underground


Crusader of Centy Sega Genesis / Mega Drive

RUN PROGRAM (Official Challenges completed for the year): 14
-DEVELOPER MODE (Unofficially completed challenges): 20
//LEGACY HARDWARE (Challenges counted towards platform-specific slots): 1
0xBUFFER OVERFLOW (Challenges attempted but Backlogged, Abandoned, or Unfinished): 5
EXECUTION ERROR (Challenges planned for the year but never started): 83
EXTENDED CLOCK PERIOD (Challenges counted from existing backlog or began playing in prior year): 1 (Challenges of games discovered in (or selected by) the Grouvee Community): 2

+14 (Official slots)
+20 (Unofficial slots)
+1 (Platform slots)

-5 (Backlog additions)
+1 (Backlog Completions)
+2 (Grouvee Discoveries)